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SEC Power Rankings: Steve Spurrier.gif Edition

All 14 SEC teams can be summed up in an image of the Head Ball Coach.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Florida Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you don’t need words to describe a situation. Sure, I can sit here and write about how maybe we have overestimated what the Cocks are truly capable of this season. I could sit here and write about Alabama hoisting the trophy in Atlanta on December 1 being an inevitability.

Why do that though?

This is a South Carolina Gamecocks blog. That means we have one of the most expressive faces in the history of college football at our disposal. So, for today’s SEC Power Rankings, I will turn to the magic of the graphic image file or GIF (pronounced however you see fit, because that is a dumb debate), to share Steve Spurrier’s opinions of the SEC this season. For the sake of full transparency, the HBC’s time at Florida produced some wonderful GIFs as well, so you may see him in blue and orange a few times in today’s rankings.

1. ALABAMA (5-0)

They really are that kind of good. Everyone else is just playing for second.

2. GEORGIA (5-0)

There’s a lot to cheer about in Athens.

3. LSU (5-0)

Louisianans likely celebrated a win over rival Ole Miss by doing this a few dozen times...each

4. KENTUCKY (5-0)

It might be hard to believe, but it is true. Kentucky is one of the 15 best teams in the country right now.

5. AUBURN (4-1)

They won UGLY, but they won, so it’s on to a reeling Mississippi State.

6. FLORIDA (4-1)

When his Gators win, the HBC dances.

7. MISSOURI (3-1)

Just as with Mizzou, I have no idea what I am looking at here.

8. TEXAS A&M (3-2)

This seems like the right way to react when your fans are thumping their chests over another win over a bad team.


Losing is never ideal, but losing to your former coach and a team you have way more talent than is downright maddening.


Feelin’ cool. Lookin’ goo - oops! Never mind.

11. VANDERBILT (3-2)

It was a win, but it was a squeaker against a bad FCS team, so let’s just say there is a lot to consider.

12. OLE MISS (3-2)

The LSU game went about like the Bama game for Ole Miss. They got out in front of the trouble and then got run over anyway.

13. TENNESSEE (2-3)

Jeremy Pruitt’s was called for the same illegal formation penalty twice on the same punt attempt. There is only one appropriate gif for that.

14. ARKANSAS (1-4)

All you can really do is hide your face in shame.