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Week 6 Open Discussion Thread

Let’s talk about something else.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we all know what happened this past weekend, and we all know we aren’t happy with what went down. But since we’ve done a fair amount of venting to this point, here’s a bit of a different approach: What are the positives of the Gamecocks’ team and season so far?

Who do you think is the MVP? Who are you wanting to see more of? Which unit has been the most impressive? I’m not a relentless sunshine pumper kind of guy, but I also don’t like dwelling in negativity for too long. September was no doubt a tough month for South Carolina with the Georgia and Kentucky losses, as well as the erasure of the Marshall game. But it’s October now, and the Gamecocks will be at home all month long.

So, whaddya say?