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Inside Enemy Territory: Ole Miss Edition

It’s been almost a decade. Let’s see what the Rebs think about us.

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Welcome back to this week’s edition of Inside Enemy Territory, which is a little thinner than usual due to the strange scarcity of free Ole Miss message boards. Today’s material comes to us from the open forum on the Rebs’ 247 Sports site, and man, let me tell you — this is a tortured bunch.

Let’s take a look.


Over a conference opponent?

With that defense?

Almost feel out of my chair.

The Rebels’ defense is exactly why I have hope for the outcome of this game, so yeah, I’d say this reaction checks out.

SC and Vandy are winnable but they much more physical than OM which will be the difference. As you say we appear to try hard but the team is soft both mentally and physically. I don’t think OM can stand toe to toe for 4 quarters with any of the teams left. SC is our best chance for a win but I don’t see it.

Well, it’s never a great sign when you think Vanderbilt is more physical than your squad, I’ll say that much.

It could happen if everybody plays up to their ability but there can’t be any mistakes and the coaches must call the right plays, the team and coaches certainly have the incentive to win.

This is pretty much exactly the situation South Carolina is in. Both of these teams operate with such a small margin of error that they can’t afford to let mistakes start stacking up, because the game could get away from them in a hurry if it does. “Let’s hope the other team implodes worse” is not a strategy you’d like to rely on, even if it’s one the Gamecocks have been able to utilize.

The weakest part of SC’s D is their secondary which plays right into our hands. Should be a fairly high scoring game. We win by right around 10.

Ah, but wait! A confident Reb appears. I’d say this is a mistaken Reb, too, since South Carolina’s run defense is staggeringly bad and the secondary has just been kind of okay (and has seen some stellar individual play from Rashad Fenton and Jaycee Horn). Am I worried about matching up with Ole Miss’ big, physical receivers? Absolutely. But I wouldn’t point to the Gamecock secondary as the Achilles heel of this defense.

i hope we win. Carolina is not impressive at all. good thing is i don’t think muschamp can out coach our guy. i think we win.

If there’s been a common trend in any of these enemy territory compilations, it’s definitely been that opposing fans don’t respect Will Muschamp at all. That that as you will, I suppose.

Maybe Coach Longo has added some screens, speed sweeps and draws along with a little motion and a few trick plays during the open week.

Dear god, no; Tennessee just about ate South Carolina alive with screens last week. I assume the Ole Miss coaching staff is smart enough to realize this, but I’d sure prefer it if they didn’t.

If we win this game then Muschamp needs to be fired

Well then.

Although I wasn’t able to comb through as many posts as I usually do, I will say that the Rebels’ fanbase reminds me very much of a certain other group of fans. There’s a lot of common ground here.