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Inside Enemy Territory: Florida Edition

The quarterback woes continue for the Gator faithful.

UAB v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Inside Enemy Territory, where we take a spin through a couple of Gator strongholds in Gator Chatter and Swamp Gas. I went with multiple boards because the recent news of quarterback Kyle Trask’s possibly season-ending injury has understandably taken over the discussion at UF watering holes, so it was harder to find content related to the game. Judging from that conversation, Gator fans were eager to see more of Trask and have been ready to move on from incumbent starter Feleipe Franks for a while, so this has been a demoralizing blow for them to grapple with.

Let’s take a look.

I guess, look at it this way.

Franks was the QB when the Gators beat LSU & Miss St. South Carolina isn’t CLOSE to those 2 teams.

But I just have a feeling we’re staring at 7-5.

Can’t argue with their point about LSU and Mississippi State, but yeah, I’m not sure I’d feel too confident about Franks, either. He didn’t exactly tear it up for UF in this game last season (although to be fair, that game was an all-around affront to the sport of football).

I think Fl. pulls this one out. SC is beat up pretty bad and its just a better match up for the Gators, two programs that are borderline desperate for a win. I give the edge to the Gators for being at home , although we were a pretty dead crowd against Missou. so `I’m not sure how much that will help. Just one of those gut feelings that The Gators get this one.

The home field advantage, even with a weaker crowd, could certainly factor in here. Last week’s win against Ole Miss notwithstanding, the Gamecocks have been uneven on the road under Will Muschamp, and we all know how sad South Carolina’s overall record in the Swamp is. History has nothing to do with the game being played this weekend, of course, but it’s just a difficult stadium to win in regardless.

I know I will get dislikes for this but...we are going to get smoked. Mainly because Mullen has gone ultra dumb conservative with the play calling. We’re thin at some position groups and it’s catching up to us. McWilliams couldn’t cover a pop Warner WR right now. The safeties are just bad.

South Carolina has struggles of its own with depth, particularly with all the injuries that piled up against Ole Miss. It’s encouraging to hear some concern about Florida’s secondary, though — if USC’s receivers play like they did against the Rebels, they could have a big day.

SC has legit play makers. While I find their quarterback personally insufferable, he can make some plays and can scramble as well. Worried about SC game. Opening line is 7 but I think this falls to around 5 at kick off.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a non-Clemson fan say anything bad about Jake Bentley, which is interesting. He’s definitely an excitable and demonstrative player, but he seems quiet enough off the field that he hasn’t really garnered a lot of negative attention. Huh.

SC narrowly won at home vs Mizzou, yes, but in overall metrics it isn’t close. Also, Emmanuel Hall didn’t play in that game.

Mizzou is FAR superior to South Carolina. #15 in FPI (SC is #33).

I’m not sure about “far superior,” or how seriously ESPN’s FPI rankings can be taken. But if someone’s gonna point out Missouri missing Hall for that game — which, yes, was a big deal — I think it should also be pointed out that South Carolina didn’t have Bentley. As we all know, Michael Scarnecchia did a great job, but given the circumstances, I’m not sure Gator fans should feel too comforted by the Gamecocks squeaking by Mizzou in that one. Plus, uh, Mizzou kind of whooped ‘em last week.

Mullen can absolutely not lose to Muschamp.

If you lose to Muschamp you should seriously consider harakiri.

As I’ve said before, lack of respect for Muschamp is a common theme on opposing fan message boards. While it’s no surprise that Florida folks are coming out against him the strongest, this is some top-shelf hyperbole.

Ultimately, Gator fans seem to be split — some are fairly confident in a bounceback win against the Gamecocks, the sky is falling for others, and all of them are shouting to the uncaring football gods about Trask. Last year, South Carolina encountered a Florida team that was pretty much ready to just end the season. What type of Gators squad will take the field Saturday? I have no idea what to expect there.