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Weekend discussion: What has to happen for this season to be considered a success?

It can be measured in a lot of ways.

Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

Leapfrogging off of last week’s discussion topic about which game you really want to see the South Carolina Gamecocks win this season, here’s a related subject: What has to happen for 2018 to be considered a success?

Is it reaching a certain win total? Notching victories over specific teams? Showing improvement in trouble areas? Earning a better bowl destination? It can be all those things, of course, but which means the most to you?

All things considered, South Carolina’s schedule sets up pretty well, and the pieces are there for coach Will Muschamp to be able to take another step forward. How would you measure that? What’s the Gamecocks’ ceiling, and what’s the floor you’d be willing to accept while still being satisfied with the team’s performance?