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Weekend discussion: Which game do you really, really want to win this season?

So many good options...

Photo by Todd Bennett/GettyImages

We’re back with another weekend discussion topic for y’all to ponder as football draws ever closer. This time, we’re going with one that should get plenty of folks fired up: Which team do you really, really want to beat this season?

There are a lot of good options for this, ranging from the obvious (Clemson) to the can’t-believe-I’m-saying-this (Kentucky). And if you’re a hipster, maybe you’re itching to pick up another victory against Ole Miss since it’s been a decade since the Rebels have appeared on South Carolina’s schedule (not really, but close — nine years). I’d also throw Texas A&M out there for consideration, since the Gamecocks have yet to stick it to their new “rivals.”

So, which win are you willing to make a deal with the football devil for?