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Week 3 Open Discussion Thread

Do we have a game this week? I mean that unironically this time.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Every South Carolina fan is probably desperate to get another game in the books so that we can all officially move on from last week’s unfortunate result against Georgia. However, the weather is conspiring against that, with Hurricane Florence projected to cause catastrophic flooding and damage to the Carolinas. As of Wednesday morning, the path looks even more dire for South Carolina than it did in original forecasts, and let’s face it — Columbia can flood even during garden variety thunderstorms.

To this point, the university has canceled class for the rest of the week, but has been strangely silent about the fate of the Gamecocks’ game against Marshall. Will the game get moved to another location? Will it be played on a different weekend? Or will South Carolina end up scrambling at the end of the season to pick up a game against whatever small mid-major happens to be available?

I hope everyone in the GABA community has been able to take the appropriate precautions and is ready to ride out whatever happens. As much as we love it, there are more important things than football right now. Stay safe out there, y’all.