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The Feed Pail: Unplanned bye week edition

Not a whole lot going on as everyone’s hunkering down.

Won’t be seeing any of this on Saturday, unfortunately.
Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the feed pail, where we take a look around the internet for some choice South Carolina Gamecocks tidbits and share them back here with you. On the menu this afternoon: How the athletic department is trying to handle an unexpected bye week, and some hurricane game memories.

What Ray Tanner has said about South Carolina’s plans for a 12th game — Greg Hadley, The State

Basically, there are no easy answers for the scheduling dilemma Florence has forced the Gamecocks into. South Carolina has its bye week on Oct. 20, and let’s face it, will likely be available on conference championship weekend (Dec. 1). But in the former scenario, the Gamecocks have to play 10 straight weeks of football, and in the latter, their options for FBS opponents could be slim — and with one FCS opponent already on the schedule, a second one could harm bowl eligibility. Hmm.

South Carolina moves on without injured defensive star D.J. Wonnum — David Cloninger, The Post and Courier

Speaking of dilemmas, the Gamecocks have to deal with the absence of Wonnum for at least a month after he sprained his ankle in the second half against Coastal Carolina. Coach Will Muschamp revealed a little about how the coaching staff plans to arrange the defense in the meantime.

Lou Holtz’s first USC game was in a big storm — South Carolina fumbled seven times — Greg Hadley, The State

If you’re feeling nostalgic for terrible football being played in terrible weather, this is the story for you, which recaps Holtz’s sloppy South Carolina debut against N.C. State in 1999.