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Week 4 Open Discussion Thread

We DO have a game this week.

Photo by Tyler Lecka/Getty Images

Well, the storm is over, and now it’s back to business for South Carolina football. Although the Gamecocks weren’t able to play this past weekend, there was plenty of interesting action in the SEC and around the country, which resulted in some movement in the polls as well.

As far as the Gamecocks are concerned, it’ll be interesting to see how an unexpected week off affects their preparation for the Vanderbilt game. Will it help they got some extra rest and time to heal up, or will it hurt they weren’t able to completely put the Georgia game in the rear view mirror? Also, how are we feeling about Jake Bentley these days?

As for other stuff: Besides Bama and Georgia, who else is the cream of the SEC crop? Will the Pac-12 make it into the playoffs this year? Is there anyone in the ACC who can mount even a token resistance to Clemson? Talk amongst yaselves.