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Inside Enemy Territory: Georgia

Taking the temperature of Dawg Nation.

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Welcome back to another edition of Inside Enemy Territory, where we’re checking the pulse of the folks over on Dawgs247’s Junkyard board. The story thus far for Georgia is a very enjoyable one for its fans: an unblemished record, a No. 3 national ranking, and a quarterback who has yet to throw an interception this year. Not too shabby! Of course, last week’s uneven 43-14 win over Tennessee provided some early scares for the Bulldog faithful, but in general, this is a confident bunch.

Let’s get into it.

I think that FR QB will be good down the road, their defense has some players, talented WRs and can run the football. They’re a better team than Tennessee imo.

I’m glad the game is in Athens. With them coming off a bye, I think they play improved, inspired football.

It’s my hope as well that the getting the Kentucky monkey off their backs and following it up with a restful bye week will give the Gamecocks some added juice to compete. It’s also pretty amazing to see an opposing fan say that USC can run the ball — when was the last time that happened?

I think at this point everyone has figured out that your best chance against Kirby is to introduce a new player (QB/TE) or show some schemes that haven’t been seen on film. It then takes the staff the first half to get acclimated to what they are seeing and make adjustments.

It would certainly be nice to see Ryan Hilinski have another Bama-esque performance against the Dawgs. That goes for the coaching staff as well, who schemed for that game like they had nothing to lose (which they didn’t). Will South Carolina show up with that hair-on-fire, dice-rolling approach, or will it play a more conservative game that has been typical with this regime?

Hilinski is the best QB we’ve faced thus far. SCjr just doesn’t have the weapons in place to do much damage.

Hilinski’s gotten a lot of praise from UGA folks, but yeah, I have my worries about the offense. I really hope Rico Dowdle is as healthy as the staff claims he is.

They are not going to just roll over and play dead, but i dont expect as good of a showing at UTk gave us.

It’s, uh, an interesting take that Tennessee is better than South Carolina, but I guess we’ll find out for sure in a couple weeks!

South Carolina was only down 17-10 to Bama with 8:30 left in the 2nd quarter, so of course they can keep it close for a period of time. I’d expect the end result to be similar to that game, though.

This is fair. Dawgs fans are willing to give props for that Bama performance, at least.

I just dont think USCe rallies the troops for this one. Their schedule is so tough and they need a W so badly that i think they focus on the ones ahead they could win like UTk, UF, and Vandy. They get UF at home and that’s the one i think they play their A game.

I wish I could say I still felt “confident” (strong word to use here) about stealing an upset from Florida, but that Auburn game last week damaged those hopes quite a bit. I would certainly hope we rally the troops against Georgia, though — even without coach Will Muschamp’s personal connections to UGA, this is a game the players and fan base tend to care about a lot. It’s not really an option to show up looking checked out for a Georgia game.

They seem to think they can run on us. In the previous 5 games we have averaged allowing 60 rushing yards a game. Notre Dame had 49 yards! The Coots busted the Mizzou defense for a total of 16 yards rushing...WOW!

As weird as this may be to acknowledge, Missouri has the third-ranked total defense in the country. Yes, you read that correctly. I know it’s been trendy (and accurate) to pick on the Tigers’ defense in years past, but that doesn’t actually apply this season, and so I’m not going to feel (too) bad about those 16 rushing yards.

USCjr has enough talent to play with us for a while- the QB is pretty good and he’ll cause us some issues. But we have more talent across the board at virtually every position.

More props for Hilinski. It’s unfortunately hard to argue that this won’t play out in a fashion similar to the Bama game, with UGA’s depth and talent taking over eventually.

Muschamp against quality opponents... it’s going to get ugly.

Unfortunately, given Muschamp’s abysmal record against Top 25 competition, this is a very understandable point of view.

I don’t think we cover this one at noon

You know what they say — good teams win, great teams cover!