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South Carolina vs. Stetson: Players of the Week

This is my attempt to find any kind of silver lining from this disaster

South Carolina v Virginia Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

That was bad.

Following road wins against Clemson and Virginia, this team appeared to have turned a corner. In my article last week, I even uttered the bold statement “USC is undoubtedly a tournament team.”

I didn’t think it would take one week for that comment to enter the comedy section, but when the Cocks lose to a team like Stetson, that’ll happen.

Just like in football, South Carolina can somehow beat a top-10 team on the road and then lay an egg just like that.

There’s only one guy who played a respectable game yesterday and he will be the lone man getting recognition.

Player of the Week: Maik Kotsar

When Lawson is off the floor, a lot of the scoring duties get pushed onto Kotsar. He didn’t necessarily kill it offensively, but he was the leading scorer with 11 points.

Kotsar was also the only player on the team that shot the ball north of 50%.

Free throws were an issue for USC as well, and he was the only player with two free throws or more that shot over 50% from the line.

Defensively, at least he held his own for the most part and contributed three steals to their losing effort.

Metaphorically speaking, in a game where the team was garbage, Kotsar would be a golden trash bag.