Week 7 AP Poll Review

What a weekend to watch college football right? We had the number one team get beat by a team that just looked lost against Mississippi State. Georgia gave up another touchdown, way to suck Georgia. The B1G is loaded, well maybe. The big XII still doesn’t play defense. This might be shaping up to be 2007 all over again. LSU won the title that year with 2 loses. Not sure anyone with 1 loss or less from a major conference is out at this point in time. It will be interesting to see if the playoff committee selects anyone not for the Power 5 conferences this year.


Georgia is your unanimous number 1 team this week. Their defense is getting a little slack though, they let Auburn score a touchdown. Now, the Gamecocks aren’t the only offense to score on them this year. So, which fan base would you want to hear from…the Georgia fans if they win the title this year or the Clemson fans from when they won the title back in 2016? Or, are they the same person?

Iowa rises up to number 2 this week after escaping Penn State and their back up QB. I’m not sure they win that game if Penn State has their starter in for the whole game. Iowa still has the cool thing where they wave their phones lit up at the kids in the Children’s Hospital. That is the only good thing I will say about them this week. They should have the inside track to the B1G Championship game now that they have no one but cream puffs on the schedule. Nebraska might be their toughest game left if that tells you anything.

Cincinnati floats up 1 spot to number 3. They absolutely destroyed Temple to make sure no one thought they would have a let down after beating a mediocre Notre Dame team. Their biggest win this week might be due to Boise State beating BYU. That takes care of the next in line competition from the group of 5 conferences. I don’t think anyone thinks that highly of any other school outside the power conferences. Don’t get me wrong they look tough this year, their level of competition is what will have the playoff committee putting other teams ahead of them. They need to keep beating the brakes off of people from now on.

Oklahoma is just sitting there winning game in dramatic fashion to go up to number 4. I don’t know another team that has looked as bad as Oklahoma has and still won all their games. They keep pulling rabbits out of hats, and they were rewarded one on Saturday. It looked like Sark had Texas ready to pull the upset, then his defense game up the game. Besides the Western Carolina game, Oklahoma has been in a 1 score game in all their other games. They don’t play anyone who should beat them until the Bedlam game at the end of the season. But with he way they are playing, anyone has a chance to upset them.

Alabama falls to number 5 this week after being upset in College Station. Who saw his coming after A&M laid an egg last week against Mississippi State. I guess they have spent too much time preparing for the Bama game and forgot they actually needed to win all their other games. They did have a decent game plan that brought more defenders than Alabama could block for most of the game that I saw. It really threw the Tide’s offense out of sync. The inability for Alabama to score touch downs in red zone opportunities in the 2nd half cost them that game. It really looked like Satterfield was high jacking the radio calls to the field on a couple of drives. Alabama still gets into the playoff if they go undefeated the rest of the year. They just lost their get out of jail free card on Saturday.

Ohio State seems to have found their stride after the loss to Oregon. They sit in the number 6 spot in this week’s poll. The offense seems to have found another gear, and the defense seems to be able to avoid making the same mistake multiple times a game. They will be a tough out the rest of the way for the B1G East. This might be the toughest division in college football right now with Ohio State (5-1), Michigan (6-0), Michigan State (6-0), and Penn State (5-1). Both loses were to teams that are still in the top 10. Ohio State is very much alive because their loss was out of conference, unlike Penn State’s loss to Iowa.

Speaking of Penn State’s loss, they drop down to number 7 in after missing out on a statement road win at Iowa. They were up early and looked like they were up for the challenge until disaster struck with the injury to their starting QB. It was tough for them to keep the momentum up after that, and Iowa came back for the win. Since I’m not a huge B1G fan, I don’t know what the long-term diagnosis is on Clifford, but Penn State needs him to play against the other Undefeated B1G teams in order to have a chance at the B1G Championship game.

Michigan makes it 3 in a row for the B1G at number 8. They survived against Nebraska. I’m not sure that deserves an advancement in the polls, but I don’t vote on this stuff. Michigan has another very winnable game next week versus Northwestern. Not sure if Hilinski is helping them out any this year, but maybe he can win a miracle game. The rest of the world outside of Ann Arbor can only hope. I think they will be in a knock down, drag out game against Sparty in 2 weeks. State bragging rights will be on the line.

Oregon moves down one spot to number 9, and they didn’t lose. They have a late night (EST) Friday game against Cal. That should pose too much of a threat since it will be a home game. They don’t have to go down to the Bay area again, so I know they like that. It’s sad to say that the Civil War game with Oregon State might be their toughest game left. The Pac 12 is just bad this year. Arizona State might be the only team with a legitimate shot at the playoffs at this point in time.

Michigan State rounds out the top 10 at number 10. Yes, that is 5 teams from the B1G in the top 10. Old school football is back. Michigan State is running over people this year. They might have the best running back in college football right now. Besides the one score game against Nebraska, they have handled their business pretty easily this year. The schedule does get a little harder after the Indiana game this weekend. Sparty still has to play Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State. They can’t overlook Purdue and Maryland either. I’m just ready for then to beat Michigan in some ridiculous fashion like they did a few years ago by blocking a punt to score a touchdown. I think that game started the "scared Michigan punter" meme.

Congrats on moving to number 11 Kentucky. I’m not sure beating LSU at home is a reason to move up 5 spots, but whatever works for the voters. Enjoy the spot while you can, because you have Georgia this weekend. No one you have played has prepared you for the defense you will see on Saturday. You seriously have a shot at going 11-1 and not getting to the SEC Championship game. Of course, Mississippi State did beat Texas A&M and they just beat Alabama. At least the SEC gifted you a bye week after Georgia to recuperate after that beatdown. I will not say good luck, because if you lose every game from here on in, I will be happy.

Oklahoma State holds steady at number 12 during their bye week. I hope you saw plenty of things to take advantage of the Texas defense you face this Saturday. You will need to score early and often to stay with the Texas offense. I’m not sure that it is that explosive because Oklahoma’s defense is just bad right now. You guys have a legit shot to win Bedlam this season. You can’t say that every year. I usually don’t like schools with orange as a color, but I will make an exception with you guys.

Ole Miss is impersonating a yoyo by moving up to number 13 this week. They were in a defense is optional game with Arkansas on Saturday. You were saved by a questionable play call for a two-point conversion at the end of the game. But at least you can enjoy all the popcorn Coach Kiffin received after losing to Alabama last week. You should be in another shoot out up on Rocky Top this Saturday as well. Hopefully your defensive coordinator looks at the SC tape to know not to leave their wide receivers with a 10-yard cushion. Also, I’d suggest pressuring their B like A&M did to Alabama all game. I’m not a coach so you don’t have to take my advice…although it is good advice.

Honestly, I don’t know why Notre Dame is still sitting at number 14. I’m not sure they beat anyone else below them in the top 25. They are going to stay in the top 25 just because they do not play anyone else on their remaining schedule. Southern Cal has lost 3 games already, North Carolina just lost to a very bad Florida State team at home, Navy is having a down year, you never know what you are getting when you play Virginia, Georgia Tech is all over the board too, and Stanford ha beaten Oregon and Sothern Cal. I can see Notre Dame finishing the season with 1 loss, but every team they beat has a .500 record or close to it. Just because they win a game, doesn’t make then good. Stop putting them high in the poll based on their name alone.

The team with the strangest victory celebrations is in at number 15. Coastal Carolina, always keeping it weird. First it was the mullets, and now it the locker room celebrations that are not fit for human consumption. I mean, decapitating a defenseless stuffed wolf after your win…come on man. I can’t even talk about the actual football because of all the other stuff. You are the second ranked group of 5 team right now. BYU did you a favor in losing to Boise State, but because your schedule is so week you might never be the top ranked group of 5 team this year.

Wake Forest rises up 3 three spots to number 16, and that is fitting since they have won their last two games by 3 points apiece. At least you get an extra week to prepare for Army. They have a difficult game at Wisconsin this week. At least they have a game to get rid of that frustration of losing to Ball State. Just remember Deacs, you are the ACC’s only hope this year for a playoff spot. I hope you have a great season for a couple for reasons, but please just beat Clemson on November 20th. I’m not really crazy about you guys making the playoffs, but I really want you to beat Clemson.

Arkansas falls four spots to number 17 after a thriller of a game in Oxford. That was a real back and forth game up until the very end. I’m not sure I would have gone for a 2-point conversion there, but you mut have know your defense was stopping Ole Miss. I would hope that I would have come up with a more compelling play to run in that situation too. You have a good opportunity to get back in the win column this week against Auburn. But Auburn at least scored on Georgia which you did not do. The game is at home so you should feel better about being at home instead of on the road again this week.

Arizona State, the pride of the Pac 12 South Division, is sitting at number 18. Not sure why you are ahead of BYU in the poll, considering they already beat you heads up earlier this year. You have a Utah team this week that is dealing with some tragedy this year. They also lost to BYU earlier this year, so you have something in common. You did beat Stanford which Oregon failed to do. That might give you a leg up in the Pac 12 Championship Game if you manage to make it there this year. It seems like your schedule gets a little more manageable here in the 2nd half of the year.

BYU plumets down the ranking to number 19. Still should be above Arizona State, way to go poll voters. Chins up though, as you still have a shot at the Pac 12 title as long as you win out. You have to now climb over Coastal Carolina and Cincinnati to get into a New Year’s 6 bowl game. I’m not sure either of those teams will lose another game based on their remaining schedules. I doubt many folks outside of Provo would have had you at 5-1 after Wilson went pro after last season. Good on you for continuing the good play into this 2021 season.

Florida stays at number 20 after easily dispatching Vanderbilt. Again, Florida’s best win so far this year is either against Tennessee or the loss to Alabama. I guess I will take the Tennessee win after last Saturday. If Florida handles LSU, then they have 2 weeks to plan out how to contend with Georgia in Jacksonville. Nothing else on their schedule looks like a sure-fire loss. It looks like it will be a very quiet 9-3 season in Gainesville. I just hope you actually show up in a non New Year’s Day bowl game.

Texas A&M comes back into the poll at number 21. Nothing like beating the former number 1 team in the land to wipe away the stench of a 2 game losing streak. Too bad this doesn’t get you back into contention for the SEC West crown right now. But winning that game does go a long way to justifying that $9.5 million contract Jimbo signed. He did day they would beat Alabama while Saban was there, so he kept that comment true from last summer. I wonder how many Aggie fans would rather have a SEC championship and a playoff birth over the victory though? I’m not looking forward to SC’s trip to College Station, although it appears they play down to their competition. So, there might be a chance they don’t run us out the building like Tennessee. Let’s all hope they don’t come out in black jerseys.

NC State is just waiting patiently for their match ups with Wake and UNC. They are in the 22nd spot in the poll this week. They had a little but of a letdown a couple of weeks ago against La. Tech, but coming off their bye week they should be more focused. They have a shot at winning the ACC right now, and that is what they should be thinking about. Wake is the only ACC team ranked ahead of them right now. That should be an interesting game depending on how the next few weeks play out for both teams. They could have claimed an easy transitive win over Alabama if they could have beaten the Cowbells down in Starkville in week 2.

SMU is trotting through their schedule and they sit at number 23 this week. They can put a dent in Cincinnati’s bowl destination toward the end of November. They need to get through UCF, Houston, Memphis, and Tulane first. The bad news about the Cincy game is it will be played in Cincy. But that would be an even bigger upset if that was the outcome of the game. I would keep an eye out for that game if both teams are undefeated at that point in time. That could be a College Gameday game potentially.

San Diego State is still in the poll at number 24. They are continuing doing a good job of keeping Clemson out of the poll. I hope they continue to win in order to make it more difficult for the voters to place Clemson higher. I still think it is amazing that Clemson still has 63 votes. Yes, I am not looking anything up about the Aztecs.

Texas goes out and blows a game they should have won. While that is not surprising, them staying in the poll at number 25 is a little surprising. Although the other choices would have been Auburn or Auburn with a lake, so I’ll let it slide this week. Sark has the offense humming in Austin this year, but that is not really saying much in the defenseless Big 12. Again, defense is going to need to get a little stiffer before you join the SEC. I’m not saying that it is required (just look at the Ole Miss/Arky game), but even the bad defenses in the SEC will still challenge you week in and week out. It will be fun watching Texas and Ole Miss play though, at least for their fan bases. It will be another thing that everyone outside the SEC will point to as to why the SEC is slipping.

Well, here ends another week of looking through the AP Poll. What are your takes from this week? Who is getting underestimated by the voters?

Go Cocks!

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