BC’s SEC Division Standings 2.0

Thanks for a late night Alabama. I wasn't planning on watching that game for too long, and then you had to go and make it interesting. How much did the playoff committee pay you guys for losing that game? They just wanted to have people talk more about a 1 loss Alabama team making it in over an undefeated Cincinnati team. It will be interesting to see if Georgia can get to the SEC Championship game with no losses. Then you could have a 1 loss Alabama and 1 loss Georgia team vying for one playoff spot. That will be some debate there.

SEC East Division

1. Georgia

2. Kentucky

3. Florida

4. Tennessee

5. South Carolina (homer pick)

6. Missouri

7. Vanderbilt

SEC West Division

1. Alabama

2. Ole Miss

3. Arkansas

4. Texas A&M

Tie 5. Miss State / Auburn

7. LSU

Again, Georgia really out paces everyone else in the East. Kentucky is the clear 2nd place team and that will more than likely not change after this week. They have a good opportunity to shock the world if they can upset Georgia. I mean Auburn scored 10 points on them. Georgia was playing with their back up QB though, so I still think SC's touchdown counts more. Florida beat Tennessee, so they stay at number 3 again this week. How much longer does Dan Mullen get at Florida? He could have stayed for years at miss. State winning 8-9 games a year, but how long does Florida let him stay without a SEC title or playoff berth? Tennessee looked good against Missouri and SC so they are a strong number 4 in the East. I could have swapped Missouri and SC, but Missouri struggled against North Texas, so I am docking them some points. This will resolve itself later this year anyway. Vandy is again in last place, and I don't think anyone would argue that placement.

Things got a little more interesting out in the West over the weekend. I still think Alabama is the clear leader in that division even though they let A&M get them. Ole Miss won the shootout with Arkansas, so they are in the #2 ranking this week. I should have paid more attention to that game, but I was punishing myself by watching all of the Gamecocks game. I put A&M in the 4th slot, and I know you will kill me in the comments for ranking them above Miss. State (because I don't like it when the AP Poll voters do it), but I just don't see MIss. State beating Alabama. Everyone should be mad at A&M right now, because they have given Saban all the anti-rat poison he needs for the rest of the year. Good luck to those who have not played then yet. I feel like Miss State might be slightly better than Auburn right now, but I just wanted a bigger gap to LSU. I think everyone realizes this is Orgeron's last season. What a fall from Grace he has taken in the last 2 years. I wonder if they stay in state with there next coach and go after Napier in the off season.

Who do you guys have higher or lower on your own rankings?

Go Cocks!

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