The Vandy fiasco

The ever abused chicken fan has hope springing in his heart after the dramatic win yesterday. Being swept up is almost as easy as having the rug pulled from under your feet.

We saw a Vandy defense that was pushed around initially, MAKE ADJUSTMENTS, and then was able to shut us down.Doty is at best very average. He was injured and that has been an excuse for poor play. His great talent is supposed to be as a runner. I missed that for the last few games, and he is certainly a below average passer.

The flutter in the cocks' hearts was caused by a truly great comeback led by an assistant coach. It was truly a great drive reminding me of John Unitas long ago. BUT the reason he was on the bench was he was unable to avoid the rush in earlier games behind the pitiful o line. Vandy was exhausted and played a 3 down set for the drive and he was not pressured. That was a big coaching error.

The rest of our games will be against teams that are much more talented and deeper on the lines. That means we have reached the high point of our season and need to think of next year as usual.

The coach needs to play out the games at qb because Doty will not improve behind our lines and Satt is rather slow to learn to say the least. The third string guy needs a few snaps as well to check him out away from practice teams.

The coaching is atrocious! 10 penalties and 4 turnovers! That is only on coaching and inexcusable. The type of players we have obviously are quite ragged. 3 star players with good coaching can win quite a few games if they are invested in the program and believe in the staff.

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