BC’s SEC Standings 3.0

Florida was upset at LSU over the weekend. Everyone else held serve, but there was a couple too close for comfort games. Here are the Standings.

SEC East

1. Georgia (just imagine a very wide space between #1 and #2)

2. Kentucky

3. Florida -yes their loss was worse, but they beat Tennessee

4. Tennessee

5. Missouri

6. South Carolina – with Nolan @ QB

7. Vanderbilt

8. South Carolina – without Nola at QB

SEC West

1. Alabama

2. Ole Miss – mustard, water, and golf balls not included

3. Texas A&M

4. Auburn – I hate to put them here

Tie 5. Arkansas/LSU/Miss State – not sure how to rank them

Even scoring only as much as South Carolina did against Georgia, Kentucky stays at number 2 in the East. Florida and Tennessee could switch, but Florida won the head-to-head game. Tennessee played well against Ole Miss, but their fans did not. No one can say anything though, because it’s not like no other fan bases has thrown things on the field before. I appreciate Nolan coming in to save SC from that loss, but Vandy should have won that game the way the played the first 57.5 minutes of the game.

Alabama certainly decided to get over the A&M loss quickly. They should get to the SEC Championship game with only 1 loss. Although Bo Nix might find a way to scramble enough to make it close. I’m sure Bobo will find a way to lose that game somehow. Arkansas has really hit the skids the last 3 weeks. Sam Pitman was the front runner for SEC coach of the year, but that has been yanked away. If Josh Heupel wins 3 more games, that award could be his. I’m not sure how you shake out the last 3 teams in the West. LSU could be still in last place for basically cutting ties with their National Championship head coach 2 seasons after winning it all. It will be interesting in who they bring in to run the program now. Billy Napier is banging in the AD’s office door 24/7 right now I bet.

Who is ranked too low or too high?

Go Cocks!

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