A major change and its' effects

I have not seen any real references to this but it will affect us. That is the transfer portal. Any running back will see that there is no offensive line to help them out. They cannot run alone. That is the major regression from last year. The injuries to the rb are a big red flag to recruits. Why get hurt when you can play 2nd string elsewhere? The current crop will leave. We have not even mentioned we are on our 3rd qb. Hilinski and Bentley both hurt and treated poorly. So was the qb that UGA clown brought with him. What big time project will risk his career behind that line. It is not one year but three in a row.

The portal will make it quite difficult to land a Lattimore or Davis ever again. No qb will want to risk it either. This rule will keep us in the cellar for a long time.

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