Week 6 AP Poll Review

Well, the first weekend in October confirmed some this in college football.

Alabama is really good

Georgia is definitely the 2nd best team right now

Notre Dame was overrated again

The Pac 12 and ACC are not getting into the playoffs

Yes, it is not mandatory for Clemson to be a top 25 team


I will start with the absence of our in-state rival being knocked out of the top 25 after a win by basically 4 teams that were not ranked last week. Although, there is a bigger gap between #26 and #27 than there is between #25 and #26. Welcome to the land of being unranked again Clemson, it has been a while and we all hope you enjoy the view.

Alabama decided to not make the CBS game that interesting after the first quarter. So much for their defense being a weakness this year. That was a "Heisman" quarterbacked team that they thoroughly beat in Ole Miss. So much for Kiffin being a thorn in Saban’s side. I’m not sure why anyone playing Alabama on a consistent basis would hire a Saban assistant since he hasn’t lost to one yet. I’m just saying SEC West teams, you might want to look elsewhere if you need a new coach (cough, cough, LSU).

How in the world is SC the only team to score an offensive touchdown against UGA? That has to be one of the weirdest stats in the first 5 weeks of the college football season. I thought Arkansas would have at least made the game interesting, but that was not the case. I think the UGA game was over before the Bama game. I mean as far as it being over in the 1st quarter, I know the UGA game was at noon. I feel bad that CBS is getting back-to-back top 20 games, and they will be over by half time. Sorry SEC advertisers, but you might want them to actually show competitive games instead of Alabama/Georgia every week.

Iowa leaps over Penn State to take the #3 spot in the poll this week. They waltzed into College Park, MD and commenced to suffocate the Terrapins. Maryland had been thinking highly of themselves so far this year, but they ran into a focused Iowa team Friday night. Iowa has a simi-tough test coming up this week when they take on #4 Penn State. Although I think the Nittany Lions are a tad overrated right now.

So, again Penn State is sitting at number four after seeing Iowa pass them this week. They will have a chance to prove the voters wrong if they can beat Iowa. I think that Iowa’s defense will be a little too tough to overcome. But you know all B1G teams seem to have at least 1 game a year that is just a complete crap show…so that could be Iowa this week. Anyway, it should be a good game in theory anyway.

Cincinnati moves up 2 spots after going into South Bend and beating an over ranked Notre Dame team. Good for Cincinnati though, they might be able to force their way into a playoff birth if they win out with some help from the B1G and the Big XII. If there is not an undefeated champion for either of those conferences, then you might be able to make an argument that Cincinnati is a top 4 team this year. They just cannot have any hiccups the rest of the way, and the more they blow teams out would be better for them.

Oklahoma is still just kind of hanging around the top 5. They have not looked good at all this year. Again, it just proves the point that Alabama is about the only school right now that can lose ½ their starters and not skip a beat. I feel like they would have already lost to a team they should not have if they were playing in the SEC this year. This weeks Red River Rivalry game will go a long way in explaining who Oklahoma is as a team this year. Maybe they were looking ahead last Saturday? They need to have a great game in order to get some voters back on the bandwagon. Had to look up what a Sooner actually referred to, and I’m surprised that it was a negative term until the school used it as a nickname.

Here comes Ohio State back into the top 10 at number 7. I guess sitting your starting quarterback can be good every once in a while. Beating up on lowly Rutgers might help also. I know Rutgers played Michigan close, but that is more on Michigan than Rutgers. Plus, that loss to Oregon just got even worse with their loss to Stanford in OT. It will be interesting to see how the B1G East plays out between Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, and Penn State. Iowa has a much easier time in the West division. If no one is undefeated in the East and Iowa makes it to the B1G championship without a loss, then there could be some chaos at the end of the year.

Oregon drops 5 spots to number 8 after getting beat in overtime by Stanford. Not sure why this drop was not bigger given the fact that Stanford’s only claim to fame is they got Southern Cal’s coach fired. I mean, they are only getting 11 total votes in the AP Poll after beating Oregon. I mean, it is nice to see a team come back late and actually beat a ranked opponent (take notes Georgia Tech and Boston College). The Pac 12 chances at the playoffs are going down in flames as I type this.

Michigan is trying to live up to all the hype from the last 10 years finally. Coming in the poll at number nine this week. Nothing like inflating your record with a lot of cupcakes early in the year. It shouldn’t be too hard for them to win the next two games (Nebraska and Northwestern) before getting to the tough part of there schedule. The Michigan State game on the 30th is the biggest hurdle they will have seen this year. I can see them going 1-4 in their last 5 games. It might be a tale of 2 halves of the season for Michigan.

Pac 12 Champs BYU hops into the top 10 this week. They have 2 out of conference games coming up against Boise State and Baylor before getting back into conference play against Washington State. I know they are not in the Pac 12, and the other Pac 12 teams are happy they are not too. I think BYU will actually have a better resume at the end of the year than Cincinnati. If they are both undefeated, BYU will have won 5 Pac 12 games, beaten a pesky Baylor squad from the Big XII, and also have an ACC win over Virginia. Plus, they would have beaten former Giant killer Boise State. I believe those wins will age better that the Indiana and Notre Dame wins for Cincinnati. But we will see how the playoff committee sees things in a few weeks.

The Spartans of Michigan State jump up 6 spots to number 11 this week. This is the third highest jump of the week. Not sure what really prompted this large of a move, unless Western Kentucky is a better football team than I think they are. Yes, Nebraska destroyed Northwestern (B1G crap game for Northwestern), but I guess it was more of teams ahead of you lost? I just need the Spartans to get through this week to set up a "big" matchup with big brother Michigan the following week. I’m just ready for the Michigan slide to start.

We go from the second largest jump to the second largest jump this week in Oklahoma State at number 12. Like I said above, beating those pesky Baylor Bears really is important to the voters. Plus, OSU beat Kansas State by a larger margin that Oklahoma did. That has to mean soothing, right? Plus, you will get Texas either flying high after beating Oklahoma, or they will be deflated after another loss. Either way, you will be in prime position to beat them and flash those horns down signs all game. Bedlam is still looking like it will be big again this year for Big XII rankings and playoff rankings.

Ok, this is not exactly a bad spot to have Arkansas right now at number 13, but it is ridiculous that the voters drop them the same amount as Oregon. Yes, Arkansas got shut out in Athens, but that loss is still better than losing to Stanford for crying out loud. This is more of an indictment of Oregon than Arkansas. I mean don’t feel too bad about the loss Arkansas, but South Carolina did put up 13 points against UGA. I’m sure that most people would take Arkansas over SC if they played this week so not sure if that correlates to anything. You still have a shot in the SEC West as long as you beat Alabama and not lose again. Wooo Pig Sooie, right?

Notre Dame falls 5 spots after losing to Cincinnati, again the same amount as Oregon losing to Stanford (who is no where close to the top 25 much less the top 10). But Notre Dame is not that good either. Brian Kelly might need to look at that Southern Cal job a little harder this week. I guess he will get a firsthand look at what is on the roster in 3 weeks. Getting the defensive coordinator from Cincinnati didn’t help this last week, so maybe just taking over another whole team is the way to go. I’m not sure that Notre Dame beats the next 7 teams on the poll, so I might have moved them down further myself.

And here we find plucky Coastal Carolina in the top 15. Not sure if they are actually a top 15 team, but who do you put above them? Oh, who am I kidding you could put just about anyone else in the top 25 ahead of them. We will not know how good they are this year because they do not play anyone. App State might be a challenge, but they almost beat Miami and we all know how bad Miami is right now. I’m not sure they play anyone of significance until the Sun Belt Championship game, and that is only if Louisiana is in the game with just the loss to Texas. It will be interesting to see the game they have upcoming against Troy. It would be an interesting comparison to how SC played against Troy.

Kentucky is acting like superman leaping over tall buildings to land all the way up to number 16 from being out of the poll the week prior. Nothing like being the second team to beat Florida this year. I mean, your margin of victory was higher than Alabama’s. Maybe you have a shot at them in the SEC Championship game this year. Well, let’s see you get through the next 3 weeks without two losses and then talk. Maybe your QB can run around like Bo Nix and then throw over the defense for a couple of bug plays. You never know what will happen when LSU is involved.

Ole Miss is another team dropping down the polls after getting manhandled by Alabama. At least there is no one left on your schedule that has as good as a defense as Alabama. You might get into some shootouts with a couple of teams, but you don’t look to have many more definite losses on the schedule. On a personal note, I still would like to go see a game at Ole Miss. I just want to go tailgate there.

Speaking of Bo Mix, he and Auburn move up 4 spots after taking out LSU in Baton Rouge. I’m still not sure why Bobo couldn’t have had Doty play QB all of last year. It looked like it was Bo Nix bailing out Auburn after scrambling around for 5 minutes a couple of times. I mean Colin Hill was scrambling eggs last year, much less moving around the pocket. I am all for having a lot of SEC teams in the top 25, but I’m not sure Auburn needs to be one of them. I wonder if Auburn will actually score on Georgia next week? I hope not, because that would devalue the points SC scored against UGA.

Wake Forest is splitting up the SEC contingent toward the bottom of the rankings to sit at number 19. They survived a Louisville team that was looking halfway decent in the last couple of weeks. After a trip to upstate NY this weekend, the schedule gets a little tougher for the Demon Deacons. They have the other North Carolina schools to deal with plus playing Clemson and BC to end the year. If you don’t do anything else of not this year, please beat Clemson.

Well, propping up Kentucky all the way to 16 might make it easier for everyone wanting to keep Florida in the top 25. I mean, all they have done is lose one score games to 2 undefeated teams. I’m not saying Florida is bad, just saying they are the only 2 loss team still in the top 25. I guess Kentucky learned how to win an ugly ballgame the week prior with they beat SC. We will see how good the Gators are later this year. I think you can chalk up the WLOCP as a loss, but Georgia has been known to do some dumb things during that game.

Texas comes back into the poll at number 21 after beating rival TCU. I mean, that puts Texas in the same league as SMU this year. I’m not sure that is what Texas is looking for, but there it is. The next two weeks against the Oklahoma schools will really be the test as far as where Teas ends up in the Big XII. Win them both, and you have a good chance of being in the Championship game. Lose them both, and you are on the outside looking in. I’m not sure the boosters paid for Sark to come in and lose to schools from Oklahoma. They paid for him to come in and lose a bunch of games in the SEC, but not to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Arizona State checks in at number twenty-two in the poll. They have bounced back from their week 3 loss to BYU. They have asserted themselves in the Pac 12 South division. It is anyone division now. Arizona State and Utah are the only teams so far without a Pac 12 loss. Next week’s game against Stanford just got a little bit more interesting. Who would have thought there might be an Oregon State versus Arizona State Pac 12 Championship game? No one, that who. If someone bet on that game happening, please let me know who that is so they can tell me what the winning Powerball numbers are going to be.

NC State remains at number 23 this week. They were partying too hard during the week and barely beat La. Tech this last Saturday. That would have been an odd turn of events to beat Clemson and then lose to a struggling Skip Holtz team. Even odder is that Miss. State is still the only loss that NC State has suffered at this point. Talk about a team that you are not sure what you are going to get from week to week is Miss. State. I’ll write more about them if they ever make it into the top 25. Congrats again for beating Clemson though.

The Mustangs of SMU are in this week’s poll at number 24. After looking at their schedule, I have to talk about La. Tech again. They have played a pretty good schedule. SMU has beat them, NC State has beat them, and Miss State has beat them. I mean, that is 2 top 25 teams and Miss State just beat Texas A&M. Good for Sonny Dykes to be 5-0 and putting SMU back in the spotlight. Although they have been fairly good the last couple of years or so. They have an interesting couple of weeks with Navy and Tulane coming up. Talk about 2 different styles of play.

And last, but not least is San Diego State. The Aztecs bump Clemson from the top 25. Or really Clemson did it to themselves. How come every school not in the Pac 12 beats up on the Pac 12? San Diego State has beat Arizona (who hasn’t) and Utah. I wonder if Utah is regretting letting Jake Bentley get away? The Brewer kid from Baylor has not worked out well for them. It is interesting to see Baylor have a good year and Utah regressing and they are both linked to Brewer. But, back to San Diego State. I mean, they have not been relevant for a couple of years when they had… I don’t know. I keep forgetting Brady Hoke, the other Hoke brother is their coach. Looking back at some of their draft picks, it makes me feel old that I graduated high school when Marshall Faulk got drafted by the Colts. It is things like this that really make you wonder where some of the times have gone.

Hopefully SC doesn’t get embarrassed at Tennessee this weekend.

Go Cocks!

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