BC’s SEC Division Standings

Now that everyone in the SEC has played 5 games, where do they stack up as far as who would beat the teams below them. You can say this team beat this other team, but if they cannot beat the team above them then they are ranked lower on my scale.

SEC East

#1. Georgia

#2. Kentucky

#3. Florida

#4. Tennessee

#5. South Carolina

#6. Missouri

#7. Vanderbilt

I think this has proven out over the last few weeks as to how this ranking stacks up. Florida beat Tennessee, then went on the road and lost to Kentucky. Tennessee then went on the road a ran all over Missouri. Vanderbilt barely beat UConn (which would have shamed the SEC forever). Georgia is just miles ahead of everyone else right now. I think after losing back-to-back to Boston College and then Tennessee, Mizzu deserves to be ranked lower than SC right now.

SEC West

#1. Alabama

#2. Ole Miss

#3. Arkansas

#4. Auburn

#5. Miss State

#6. LSU

#7. Texas A&M

This is where it gets haywire for me. Alabama is closer to Ole Miss than I think Georgia is to Kentucky. I do not see Arkansas or Auburn score 21 junk points on Alabama right now. Ole Miss has looked really good against everyone not named Alabama. I think Alabama had some revenge on their minds after the shootout they were in last year. Even though Arkansas didn’t score on Georgia, I don’t think they have that problem against anyone below them right now. Auburn had a horseshoe lodged up Bo Nix’s derriere on Saturday night. I was temped to put them below Miss. State, but LSU did when in Starkville. I couldn’t leave LSU above them, because of the way they lost the game against Auburn. There is just something about them that I cannot stomach this year. I think it has more to do with all the hype that Bigsby was getting over Kevin Harris more than it is Bobo. Texas A&M just looks lost with their second string QB in there. The defense gave up way too may yards against Miss. State, and they obviously are not anywhere close to an Alabama or Georgia defense.

What do you think of these rankings? Who should be ranked higher or lower? At least we will see if Tennessee deserves to be ranked ahead of SC this weekend.

Go Cocks!

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