What Was That?

Well, I'm not sure what that game was other than terrible to watch as a fan. I wasn't expecting a win, but at least be competitive in the game. I was very surprised over the way the defense just looked lost for the first half. I know the offense didn't do them any favors, but why let them convert easy throws to receivers that were given 10-12 yard cushions? The defense looked better in the 2nd half, but that was a lot too late.

Don't even get me started on the offense. It is like that whole side of the team has never played football before. They really look lost out there. The play calling on the 3rd drive inside the 5 yard line was some of the dumbest I have ever seen. I mean, I think McClendon might have been able to call better plays and I don't think he will ever be an OC again. I am over giving guys a chance to be the OC with no proven history.

If Beamer is going to be the CEO type of coach, then he has got to get proven coordinators. I think the DC is fine for now, but Satt is just not working at OC. Is it his style, is it his play calling on game day, is it how they decide who is good enough to play, or is it all of the above? Something has to give, and as it will not be me not watching SC sports.

I need to win the lottery so I can become the T. Boone Pickens of SC football. I really need a donor that is looking to give away a lot of money to pay off the Muschamp buyout so the athletic department can spend some money on coaches. If we got this coaching staff on the cheap, then some money needs to come from somewhere to pay for a better OC.

I am sitting here watching the A&M/Bama game and A&M is saying I'm going to blitz and pressure you all game to see if you will make a mistake, and Bama has so far. That is what SC should have done at Tennessee today. If you don't have the players to keep up, then just say screw it and put all the pressure on the other team. I would have been happier with the score if that is what SC did. They played on their heels on defense and offense until it was too late. That is not going to impress, boosters, or future players.

I didn't go to USC, but I've been a fan since I started going to games in the late 80's. I am still a fan, but they are no closer to 2011-2013. Heck, I'd take 2007-2010 right now. Put a team on the field that is wining minimally 7 games a year with the possibility of 10-12 wins a year. I want SC to be in the playoffs. I want the fans to be proud of the football team and coaches. That is not too much to ask for.

Go Cocks!

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