How is Practice Going?

With the first week of pre-season practices in the books, how is everyone feeling from what they have heard so far? It seems like Kevin Harris is still not completely cleared from his back surgery, Cam Smith is still missing time from his broken foot, and we have had a couple of players opt to transfer.

I guess if the defensive line is as good as people want it to be, maybe the secondary will not need to be excellent. But, having Prunty’s decision to transfer is a blow to the defensive backfield. He was running with the 1st team defense from what I have been reading. This makes getting Cam Smith back from injury very important. Hopefully everyone will step up this season, and that the newer recruits can adjust to the college game very quickly.

Running back is a place that SC seems to be deep this year. Harris has been out and dressed to start the practice sessions but would go back in the indoor for individual work or rehab work. The offensive line seems to be staying the same with J. Turnetine (LT), J. Nichols (LG), E. Douglas (C), J. Gwyn (RG), and D. Wonnum (RT). All these guys have game experience, so hopefully they can be within the middle of the pack in the SEC. Hopefully they can create some holes in the run game, and they can keep Doty or whoever is back there clean in the pass game.

Still not a whole lot of hype about the wide receivers right now, so that is still a bit of a concern. There needs to be at least one guy that can keep the defense honest and not focused completely on the run game. I know the tight ends should alleviate some pressure, but we need to be able to force defenses to keep the safeties out of the box. I’m sure until SC can prove the passing game is dangerous, most teams will be concentrating on stopping the run game.

What have you heard from your sources about how practices are going?

Go Cocks!

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