Less Than 2 Weeks To Go!?!?!?

With less than 2 weeks left until the opening game of South Carolina’s football season, there are still plenty of questions left to answer. Luke Doty’s injury was a big hit to the pre-season depth at QB. The transfer of a freshman All-American transfer CB was also a blow to a very questionable secondary. The ever-present question about how good the offensive line can be is still floating out there.

When you have a graduate assistant come into the QB room at the 11th hour is not something you want to see or read about. It doesn’t matter if the guy got beat out by 1 and possibly 2 NFL QBs. I hope someone really pushed themselves up on the coaches list this last week with Doty out. They have to have a clear #2 QB before Eastern Illinois. There has got to be some semblance of an intermediate to down the field passing game to put on tape. Running Harris or Lloyd 60 times a game will not will many games in the SEC this year.

It sounds like the defense is trying to become more physical this year. We can only hope they can harken back to the days of the Goon Squad. We need some to become a leader back there in order to make Coach White’s defense dangerous. The mental breakdowns that plagued the DB’s last year cannot repeat this year. I’m not sure who is going to start in the secondary, but there has go to be 1 guy that can rally everyone and get them on the same page.

The only comfortable things we are hearing about the offensive line is that there doesn’t appear to be too much shuffling amongst the starting 5. I’m not saying this is a good or bad thing. I don’t live anywhere close to Columbia either, so I do not have any inside sources either. I post this stuff on here, so I also do not pay to be on other Gamecock message boards. I really hope the line gels this year and can be at least above average in the SEC. If they end the year as a top 5 SEC offensive line, then I think the team will win more games than expected.

I am slowing getting more anxious for that 1st game. The second game at East Carolina will be a better judge at where this team is as far as competitiveness goes. I hope they can come out and play a clean game and show their understanding of what the staff wants to do.

Is anyone else getting excited yet? Or are you waiting to see what is put on the field in 2 weeks before making up your mind?

Go Cocks!

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