Kickers Matter...A Love Letter to Parker White

Let me take a moment away from college football to revel in the Dallas Cowboys loss. As a Raider, the only thing that would have delighted me more would be a Tom Brady loss, but I will take this. However there is something to be learned in the demise of the Cowboys...Kickers Matter.

The Cowboys lost last night because a "kicker" missed 3 FG's. Any of us could have done that. It reminded me of 2017 when South Carolina played Kentucky and 3 FG's plus an extra point was missed. It was so bad that it affected play calling. We lost that game along with Deebo Samuels. Ever since then the mention of Parker White raises my blood pressure. I don't even remember the other kids name.

Let's be fair to Parker, he has made some Field Goals. Some of you have tried to defend him. After which, Parker would miss a Field Goal as you were trying to defend him during the game. Some you will say, " But RZ, he won the LA tech game for us", to which I would say "I think Bryan Edwards put using position for like a two yard FG,". Or you may say, "he was the only one to score against A&M last year," to which I say, " he should have missed that one."

Parker is like a wife you've been trying to divorce for the last 5 years , but she refuses to move out of the home. Every year he shows up in time to lose us a game. I mean, look out the stories history of our Garnet brethren FSU. Wide right, wide left. Just this past Sunday night, we saw a remarkable comeback, ruined because a coach iced his own kicker. How does FSU keep that headcoach after that?

So far, he's made his only FG attempt. But I still got my eye on him. Every step you take, every kick you miss, I'll be watching you, Parker. No one steals state money like a scholarship kicker who misses FG's.

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