We have it all wrong...

Remember in the preseason when we all thought that strength of this offense was the Offensive line and the running backs? Well after 4 games we see it isn't. Ironically the strength is the wide receivers. On defense the secondary is playing better than expected.

We have to understand that we're not playing Bobo's offense. That's what produced those run numbers. It's time to lead with the passing game. It's time to go vertical. I think we will have a hard time beating Vanderbilt at this rate. We have a first time headcoach and a first time play caller in the booth, so it will take time. Most importantly, we have to take points, any points when we can right now. We're not good enough yet to gamble on 4th down. I like the willingness to take risk, but the offense isn't that good at the moment. That's equivalent to Muschamp sending Parker out to kick 55 yard field goals when he was a sophomore. He wasn't ready. But hope they will learn and we can move on.

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