Week 5 AP Poll Review

I was a little lazy last week with taking a couple of days off work and didn’t put my thoughts in Fan Post form. Well, I’m back this week even if you wish I wasn’t. Here is a longer look at the Week 5 AP Poll.


Alabama wanted to make sure no one had any doubt about who should be number 1 this week. They bounced back in a big way against Southern Miss. Of course, 14 of those point came of kick off returns. @Not sure if the offense is really humming or not.@ Yes, I know sarcasm font doesn’t work on here, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew that was sarcasm.

Georgia humiliated Vanderbilt on Saturday. This game was over in the first 12 minutes of the 1st quarter. At least SC will have one more win on the schedule, right? Georgia and Alabama look like the 2 best teams in the nation. That should be a good SEC championship game. If the game is close, they should still be #1 and #2 in the playoff rankings.

Oregon stays are number three after beating up on the Vanderbilt of the Pac-12, Arizona. Not saying it is hard to get into Arizona, just that they have been bad at football. The competition gets a little tougher this week when Oregon plays Stanford. It will be interesting to see if Oregon can get through the season undefeated. Every Ohio State win is a bonus to them right now.

Penn State at number 4 is a joke. Maybe not as big a Clemson still being in the poll, but it is pretty big. It seems like the pollsters have overreacted to Penn State beat the 5th or 6th best team in the SEC West. I mean, I know Auburn sounds good and everything, but they are not good. I mean they almost lost to Georgia State. We will know more about them in the next two weeks.

Iowa stays at number five. Not too much to say about them. The win against Iowa State looks worse now that they lost to Baylor. They have a statement game in 2 weeks against Penn State. They are going to have to survive a little road trip to Maryland to set that game up.

All Oklahoma does is win close football games. And all the voters do is keep dropping them in the polls. It might not look pretty, but they do win the games. It’s just hard when you don’t when by 40 or more and don’t beat an over inflated Auburn team. Too bad Kansas State lost on Saturday or they could have been playing a top 25 team. It doesn’t help that voters think a 2-2 Clemson team is better than a 3-1 Texas team. So, winning the Red River Rivalry might not get them any love from the voters either.

Cincinnati comes is next in the poll at number seven. They have a big game ahead of them as they play Notre Dame on Saturday. Maybe Notre Dame will come into the game feeling a little full of themselves after having their way with Wisconsin in Chicago last Saturday. Winning the game will but Cincinnati in the playoff conversation.

Arkansas has had a good 2 weeks. Beating 2 teams from the old SWAC to jump all the way up to number 8 in the poll. Getting this last one done in Jerry’s World had to have felt good. It doesn’t get any easier with a trip to Athens on Saturday. Let’s see how the 2nd best team in the SEC West does against the best team in the SEC East.

Notre Dame comes up next in the poll at number nine. This means the game with Cincinnati will be a top ten game in South Bend. Let’s see in Brian Kelly can actually get them up to actually play a good game against a tough opponent. They did beat Clemson last year when they had a back up QB in the game. But Kelly isn’t exactly known to win big games at Notre Dame.

Rounding out the top 10 is Florida. No one is riding the "ours is the best loss" train harder than Florida. They kept it interesting with Tennessee for a half. Not sure if Florida is as good as number 10, but who else are you going to put up here? They do make it SEC heavy in the top 10. That I twice as many teams as any other conference (B1G has 2). They have Kentucky up next, so it will be interesting to see how they fare in that game.

Speaking of people saying they have a good loss; Ohio State comes in at number eleven in the poll this week. I guess beating a bad Tennessee team is still better than blasting a bad Akron team. Isn’t LaBron from Akron? I know he is an Ohio State fan, but couldn’t you guys take it easy on his hometown team? Well, you have another tune up game against Rutgers this week before you run into a semi-hard 3 week run. You still have 3 games against teams currently ranked, so you could make a decent case for the playoff if everyone else loses a game on their schedule.

Ole Miss is steadily creeping up the poll to land at number 12 this week. Not really sure why they are this high in the poll based on the teams they played. I know Oklahoma struggled in their first game against Tulane, but is Ole Miss the 12th best team in the country? The Louisville win looks better than people might have thought. We will see how that win ages in the next few weeks. This week is a big week with Alabama on the docket. At least Arkansas might be a little beat up after having to play Georgia. If Ole Miss loses the next two weeks, I don’t see them staying in the rankings.

The Pac 12 champions come in at number 13. Who do you ask, well that will be BYU. Who else has 3 Pac 12 wins right now? Exactly, no one does. If the Pac 12 South beats up on each other the rest of the year, can BYU play Oregon in the Pac 12 Championship game? They play Washington State and Southern Cal later this year and if they win those 2 games, they might have more conference wins than the majority of the Pac 12. I say if they are 5-0 in Pac 12 play, let them in the Championship game. It would be better for Oregon’s strength of schedule.

Don’t look know, but the yellow britches of Michigan are up to number 14 this week. Again, they might be 4-0, but I think a lot of teams would be too if they played that schedule. The Wisconsin game doesn’t look as bad as it did earlier this season. Nebraska might be a little feisty, but that should be a winnable game (help Harbaugh if they lose that one though). Maybe Hilinski will trip them up on October 23rd? Then Michigan has a tough 3 week stretch at Michigan State, home to Indiana, and then on the road at Penn State.

Texas A&M has the 2nd longest drop in the poll this week all the way down to number 15. They ran into an inspired Arkansas team in Jerry’s World. So much for the pipe dream of winning the SEC West this year. Losing to Arkansas is not what they are paying Fisher $9 million a year to do. I know your pockets are deep A&M, but there is 1 coach worth that much money and he already has a job in Tuscaloosa.

Coastal Carolina is back up to 16th. The highest rated team in South Carolina. I mean they have played a murder’s row of teams so far this year. I don’t think South Carolina or Clemson would be 4-0 if they played The Citadel, Kansas, Buffalo, and UMass. Just kidding, yes they would be. South Carolina does have a common opponent in Troy, so it might be interesting to see what comparisons can be drawn for those 2 games. App State looks like they will be tough again this year, and Coastal will not play Louisiana until the Sun Belt Championship game (I they both make it).

Michigan State comes in at number 17 with a much better resume than a couple of teams ahead of them. Sure, they struggled with Nebraska but so did Oklahoma. Not sure that isn’t a good win. They beat an over ranked Miami team in Florida. They also handled Northwestern easily the first game of the year. Those 3 wins are better than anything on Michigan’s resume right now. SC knows what being the other team in a state feels like. We see you Sparty.

Another team playing the look who we lost to card is Fresno State. They did an admirable job losing to Oregon in the second week of the year. I mean the Ducks were looking to there match up with Ohio State, but good job staying close at the end. Fresno does have a transitive win over LSU when they beat UCLA a couple of weeks ago. That gets an automatic jump by some voters thinking LSU is going to be the 4th best team in the SEC West. They even get a little vacation to go play Hawaii this week, aloha means goodbye.

How do you beat the #25 team in the poll and jump all the way to number 19? I guess we can ask Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State. After beating a pesky Kansas State team, OSU finds themselves moving up the poll. They need to watch themselves the next two weeks with Baylor and Texas on the schedule. Let’s see how long the Cowboys can stay ranked.

UCLA is trying to move back up the poll by beating the smart kids from Stanford. I guess when a team gets your cross-town rival’s coach fired, the best thing you can do is actually beat them. They do have a test this week with Arizona State. ASU will be looking to get back in the poll after the BYU loss. I wonder what Herm Edwards will have for Chip Kelly. Nothing like seeing some ex-NFL head coaches go at it.

The Big 12 is getting some more love by having Baylor pop in the polls at number 21. Knocking Iowa State out of the polls had to feel good. It looks like year two of the Dave Aranda regime is off to a good start. I like the trend of teams having a good 2nd year under new head coaches I’m seeing. Gives me a little hope for next season in Columbia. Baylor has a battle of the newly polled teams with Oklahoma State this week. We will see who gets to stay ranked for 1 more week at the conclusion of that game.

Auburn moves up 1 spot to number 22. This is almost as bad as the worst decision of the voters that we will be coming to in a moment. Getting out played at home against a 1-3 Georgia State team should not get you moved up the poll. It was a 3-point game until the last 30 seconds. Stop trying to prop up the B1G voters. This still does not make Penn State’s win look any better. If anything, it makes it look worse. Honestly, if Bobo was still in Columbia, they might be 1-3 right now.

How does a team lose to Miss. State by 2 scores, and beat another team that is now 2-2 and get ranked? Well, the good time keeps coming for North Carolina State. You finally get the Clemson monkey off your back, even though you missed 3 field goals in regulation (did they have Muschamp call for those long field goals). Plus, you see UNC get completely blitzed by Georgia Tech after your win. It couldn’t have been a much better weekend to be a Wolfpack fan. Enjoy the win Pack, keep the momentum going this week against La. Tech. Then you get what might be the best team in the ACC in Boston College. They might be the only ACC team to win against the SEC this year…I hope so at least.

Speaking of sneaky good ACC teams, Wake Forest comes in at number 24. All the Demon Deacons have done this year is handily beat the other teams they played by 3 scores. If they can get past Louisville, Syracuse, Army, and Duke the next 4 games they will be 8-0 going into the UNC game. The ACC did them no favors by putting the North Carolina round robin tournament in back-to-back-to-back weeks. The Deacs have a rough November slate. It will be interesting how long they can keep their winning ways this year.

And now is the time for the worst decision of the voters so far this year…keeping Clemson at number 25 in the poll. This is flat out ridiculous. Clemson never should have started the year off as high as they did, but if you watched them play the last 3 weeks there is nothing to say they are a top 25 team. Yes, their defense is still good. But, their offense is as bad if not worst than South Carolina’s offense. I don’t see South Carolina getting any votes for the AP Poll. Let us all pull for Boston College, my new 2nd favorite college team this year, as they can completely remove Clemson from the poll with a win this week. Id so, they will have beaten Missouri and Clemson in consecutive weeks. That will make them pretty good in my book.

Again, I do apologize for not doing this last week. I hope you enjoyed this week’s round up. Let us all enjoy the week ahead and prepare for Troy on Saturday.

Go Cocks!

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