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The Feed Pail November 7, 2015: Is Tom Herman coming to South Carolina?

Herman reported to be clear leader for the Carolina job

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The State: Steve Spurrier visiting Nebraska this weekend. Kendall mentions that this trip, which is Spurrier's first game in Lincoln, comes just a few weeks after his first trip to Michigan Stadium. Spurrier is clearly doing exactly what I would do in his situation and just visiting all the college football stadiums that he wants to go to. It's either that, or he's secretly interviewing for the Nebraska job. Also, Long road for the Gamecocks in 2015. The Gamecocks have traveled a lot this season, and with annual games against two of the most distant SEC schools, that's going to be the norm in the future.

TheBigSpur: One Leader For the South Carolina Job. Citing "multiple sources" Shurburtt says that Houston head coach Tom Herman has emerged as the leading candidate for the Gamecocks. Herman is a coach whose name has been in the mix for the Gamecocks since Spurrier's retirement and we profiled him as a potential candidate a couple of weeks ago. Also, Five Keys to Victory. The prediction by Tony Morrell is a 38-20 Tennesee win.

GamecockCereal: Storylines to Watch Against Tennessee. The prediction here is a 34-31 Gamecock victory.

Gamecock Central: Last road trip: USC-UT preview. Scott Hood predicts a 34-20 Tennessee win.

USA Today: Tennesee, South Carolina preparing to go down to the wire again.