How to use your iEZway Pro electric scooter?


When you receive the long-awaited scooter but don’t use it properly, what mood will it be? Every year, there are various failures caused by incorrect operation of the scooter, and I have to find various solutions. Please don’t worry, we will teach you the correct use of the scooter. When you receive our iEZway electric scooter, please be sure to read these contents, it may be of great help to you

Are electric scooter legal in uk?


What is e scooter? They are two-wheeled scooter with small battery and electric motor As an emerging mode of transportation, they can be seen in major cities in Europe, and they are gradually being welcomed by people all over the world.

2021 Adult Scooter Use Report


In the UK and Italy’s urban areas, we often see adults riding scooters. Our report mainly focuses on the prospects of scooters, the crowd of users, why they ride scooters, which scooters are worth buying, how long to ride, and where to ride. The purpose is to inform new laws and regulations to protect scooter riders and help scooter novices understand the community In 2020, the global electric scooter market is expected to be 20 billion US dollars. The current increasing demand for automobile fuel, coupled with the increasing carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse gas effects, is expected to promote the growth of electric scooters.

Gamecock football can do nothing right


Football staffer started a fight (in 5 Points where else) on Halloween with a dude dressed up as fired Muschamp

Thoughtful Thursday


I hope all this works out....

ESPN Football Tournament


Nothing to see here...ESPN still hates USC

Football Success with Muschamp


I thought this was an interesting write up by Josh Kendall. I don't always agree with him, but it's hard to ignore his logic on this. Muschamp will have the best 3 year start ever.

Where is this guy going?


Kelly Bryant-The Clemson Insider