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Crootin' Q&A 8/20


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Crootin' Q&A 8/13


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Crootin' Q&A 7/30


A weekly open forum to hang out and talk Gamecocks, recruiting, BBQ and more.

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#Crootin' Q&A 7/18


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Marcus Lattimore injury



Hello, friends. Are you in Birmingham, trying to purchase a ticket to the bowl game last-minute hoping to get a good deal? Are you on the fence about making the trip to the bowl game, but procrastinated 'till the last second? HAVE NO FEAR, THE GABA GIVEAWAY IS HERE! We are giving away FOUR tickets to tomorrow's bowl matchup against USF. All you have to do is reply and you can win! All winners will be selected by midnight tonight. Forever to Thee!

UPDATE: Gametime set for Gamecocks and Dawgs.


UPDATE: Will Muschamp made a statement around 8 pm this evening on the weekly 'Carolina Calls' radio show. He stated that, while there was apparently no specific time for the game, the contest would me moved to Sunday. Since then, the gametime has been set for 2:30 pm, Sunday afternoon. With forecasts in the low seventies under clear skies, it seems as though a silver lining may exist amidst the tough times that the coast is sure to experience. Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the Hurricane. Maybe football will be a much-needed healing elixir to end the weekend.

The GABA Mailbag is back: deal with it.


That's right! A beloved institution at GABA, the Mailbag, has returned after a long hiatus. What does this mean for you, dear reader? Well, whatever you want it to, of course. Email your questions, concerns, or hypothetical conspiracy theories about how mechanical Soviet lice are hiding in Donald Trump's hair to and we shall opine on them each and every Friday (probably). Let's #MAKEGABAGREATAGAIN

Spurrier donates final paycheck to Gamecock Club


You may have heard that the HBC approves of the decision to hire Will Muschamp. Here's something you may not have caught: Coach Spurrier used his final paycheck to make a sizable donation to the Gamecock Club. The check, which was for slightly more than $70,000, will go into the general athletic fund for 2016. However you land on the HBC's retirement, this was a gesture that shows that, however sudden it was, Coach Spurrier genuinely cares for the Gamecocks and meant the best by his actions. To read the article from The State, click here. Forever to thee, Steve. -DC3