Georgia with Favorable Schedule


Ashcraft disects uga favorable schedule for the second year in a row. Opponents have a winning pct of .500 and they escape LSU, UofA, and arkansas for the second year in a row. Also Belotti and Luginbill express their surprise at ugas favorable schedule. Cant wait to be one of their few losses next year. Go MSU.

Lorenzo Ward Promoted to new Defensive Coordinator


John Whittle and the TheBigSpur have been all over the DC search from the start, as they are with most Carolina football stories. Spurrier made the rumored announcement official this afternoon. I know Stoops is a bigger name, but he would likely bring in a new system, a couple of assistants, demand a much higher salary, and jump at the first HC job that came along. Ward provides continuity with the system and recruiting, and would likely display more loyalty to Carolina if he pans out. Spurrier has been on a good hiring streak, and I will trust him on this one. Congratulations, Coach Ward.

2013 Recruit Ryne Rankin Orlando FL


Nominated Defensive Player Of The Year and 1st Team All Central Florida Defense and only a Junior? Get him Cocks! This is his highlight real........189 tackles ....WOW

Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz shoots down Mike Stoops rumor


Predicting coaching hires is like a relaxing game of Ouija Board. But Kirk Ferentz's mocking response to questions about whether Hawkeye Alum Mike Stoops is being considered in Iowa City is pretty tellling. Of course, with all the vacancies out there, Mike Stoops can land anywhere. But USC may still be a very strong possibility.

ESPN's Chris Low posts Schedule Updates


Several Georgia fans were incensed by G&BA's suggestion that the Bulldogs have received preferential treatment in scheduling. A couple suggested our claims that South Carolina would lose a return trip from Mississippi State and pick up an away game at LSU were nothing but paranoid internet rumors. We can either add ESPN's Chris Low to the conspiracy bandwagon, or admit that South Carolina has been treated horribly in this process. Everything that follows assumes that the multiple credible reports regarding Carolina's and Georgia's 2012 West opponents are true. I am extremely unhappy with our AD, Eric Hyman, for not getting a fairer result for our program. His job is to look out for our best interests, and he failed miserably in a very high profile opportunity to perform that duty. I am absolutely furious that this was allowed to occur at the SEC level. One of the things many SEC fans and administrators have prided themselves on, and even used as a recruiting tool in the expansion wooing process, is the league's supposed equality. Conference fans root for SEC rivals in OOC games largely because of a perception that the SEC is a conference of equals where no program or cadre of programs is the favored son(s) of the league office. The 2012 scheduling process has exposed that notion as a lie. Go Michigan State.

My Responses to Corn Nation's Questions


Go over and say hello to the kind Huskers fans.

EJ Running Out of Town


Ellis Johnson is leaving immediately to join usm. Lorenzo Ward is taking over duties left by the guy who can't stay long enough to see this season through. Again, this action speaks volumes about Ellis Johnson. Wonder what the players think about this move?

Lady Gamecocks in Beast Mode


I apologize for not being able to cover the UNC victory more closely. I'm going to get more interested in lady hoops this year if this keeps up.

SB Nation Android App Is Out


HT to TeamSpeedKills where I saw this first. The app for SBNation blogs is out, as promised, before Christmas.

EJ to Southern Miss


Good luck, EJ. I suspect we will have no trouble landing a qualified replacement.