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Welcome To Garnet and Black Attack!

Welcome to GABA! Here's what you need to know!

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The Staff

Managers: Sydney Hunte (@sydh), Sam McDowell (@smcdowell12)

Editors: Katie Dzwierzynski (@kdzwierzynski), Gamecock Man, Kaci Barfield (@KaciBarfield), tryptic76

Writers: Cockaboose; Kevin Searcy; DC3 (@DC3_Tweets); James Shahid (@shahid_james); Davis Williams (@DWJRM); Richard Avant (@Richard_803); David Salley (@dsalley24); Jackson Neill (@jacksonNsports); Daniel Sweeney





Basically, be nice. Obviously, this is a South Carolina blog, but if you feel you can contribute to the conversation and follow these guidelines, you're more than welcome. Even if you're a Clemson fan. In all seriousness, we pride ourselves on strong community, and as long as you can contribute respectfully, you'll be fine. Speaking of...


Commenting is easy at GABA! But first, you have to be a member of the blog. Becoming a member of the blog is as simple as clicking on an article, scrolling to the very bottom, and clicking "Join Garnet and Black Attack". You'll have to agree to the terms first, but once you do, you'll automatically be ready to comment!

FanShots and FanPosts

FanShots and FanPosts are part of what makes SB Nation different from any blog network out there. Bloguin doesn't have them, FanSided doesn't have them, and any other blog network you can think of doesn't have them. They're such an important part of the site, we've created separate sections to explain what they are.

The GABACast

Sam and DC3 host GABA's official podcast weekly during football season and bi-weekly during basketball season. It's available on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. Have an Android or other device? Subscribe by going to using your favorite podcast app.