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GABA 101: FanShots and FanPosts

FanShots and FanPosts are two of the things that makes SB Nation unique. Here's how to use them.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most unique parts of SB Nation that sets it apart from other blog networks is FanShots and FanPosts. But what are FanShots and FanPosts?


Simply put, FanShots are short posts, links, images or videos from around the Web.

When should I create a FanShot?

  • You see a link, tweet, image or video on the Web that you think people here at GABA will like.
  • When no real commentary/context is necessary
  • It's too short for a FanPost (less than 75 words)

How do I create a FanShot?

While logged in to GABA (this assumes you've already joined the blog), click FanShots on the menu at the top of the site;

Use the bookmarklet to FanShot anything quickly and easily! On or after clicking FanShots in the menu, you'll see a plus sign that says "FanShots On the Go" beside it. Drag it to your bookmarks bar (under your address bar) and you're all set! This allows one-click FanShotting wherever you go online.

You can also FanShot Tweets and Instagram posts! Just create a new link FanShot and paste the URL of the tweet or IG pic in the URL section. (Note: before FanShotting an IG pic, remove the WWW, or it may not work correctly.)


FanPosts are just like the posts you see written by our GABA staff, except they're written by you, the reader! Have a strong opinion? Can't stand what the Gamecocks did on the field? Have a #hottaek you need to get off your chest? FanPosts are the way to go. From time to time, we'll choose the best FanPosts and promote it on the homepage, which means more reads, comments and exposure!

What makes a FanPost worth reading?

  • It's well-thought out and expresses a clear point. For example, saying that XYZ IS THE WORST PLAYER IN THE WORLD AND NEEDS TO BE BENCHED and providing no insight beyond that isn't well-thought out and doesn't really express a clear point. Saying that XYZ has looked poor in coverage, missed several tackles and/or whiffed on several sacks is better, because it gives more detail and expresses a clear point backed up by research.
  • It's related to the Gamecocks. We're a Gamecocks blog. This pretty much goes without saying. If you're here to simply say ROLL TIDE, #ALLIN or not have a point related to the Gamecocks, or, worse still, troll, then your FanShot might be deleted.
  • It is articulate. We're not expecting you to be Webster's Dictionary, but be sure to check things like spelling, grammar, punctuation, things like that. You can have the best point in the world, but if it's full of run-on sentences, misspellings, and poor capitalization, then it likely won't be read.
  • Formatting. Don't write 5,000 word paragraphs. Break it up. Make it bite-sized. People consume information better that way.
  • Give it a relevant headline. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • By the way, this is a really good FanPost that covers many of the bases above. It's well-thought out, has a clear and concise point, is Gamecocks-related, and is well formatted.

How do I create a FanPost?

It's easy! Simply click the FanPosts link in the menu while logged in, or go to Click "New FanPost" and fire away! SB Nation uses a WYSIWYG editor, so the way you type the text will be the way it appears in the actual post once published. If you'd like, you can use the HTML editor as well. Confused by the Visual Editor? If you've used Microsoft Word and are familiar with the formatting there, then the Visual Editor will be a breeze. If you'd like, you can write a FanPost in Word, use the Paste From Word button (the little button with a clipboard and the Word "W" logo over it) and do it that way.

The fun part about FanPosts is that people can comment on them and Rec them. Feel free to share your work on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to Rec and comment on other FanPosts!