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Introduce yourself to the GABA community!

We're glad you're here! Here's your chance to introduce yourself to our community.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of people here at GABA - both on the staff and in the comment section - that have been here for a while or may have just joined. In any event, this is the place for you to introduce yourself to the community! Tell us who you are, where you're from, what you do, what year you graduated from South Carolina (if you went), best memory as a Gamecock fan, things like that. You can answer any or all of those questions, or even go off the grid and shake it up a little. Everyone - from lurkers, to vets, to people who just joined - is invited to comment!

If you're just now reading this and haven't joined the site, now's the time! Make sure you read through our user guide to get a feel of what's happening, who we are, and how things work here.