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GABA Cast Episode 14: Rocky Plop.

The boys of the GABA Cast are back and we want to know if you have a few minutes to talk about timeout prevention.

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Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

It was a game that somehow wound up being a signature loss for the South Carolina Gamecocks. but, it felt like we deserved more.

This week, clad in black pants and white shirts, we staged a comeback after another gloomy first-half performance in Knoxville. Yet again it wasn't to be, and the football team returns home for what seems like the first time in a couple of years to face the Florida Gators under the lights in Williams-Brice Stadium. The football team keeps improving, but, where do we go from here?

Fear not, the GABA Cast is back to talk about all things related to Gamecock Sports (including Basketball, yay!) and a few things that are not related to anything.

Join us this week as we discuss:

We also break down some keys to the game against Florida on Saturday, and wonder what it would be like to actually start out a game with the upper hand defensively.

Hey, we can dream...right?

Listen below, find us on iTunes (LEAVE A REVIEW, DANGIT) or click here for the BlogTalkRadio Page.

Drive safe, Go Cocks, don't forget to tip your waitress...