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GABA Cast Episode 15: Basketball Preview (w/ special guest ChickenHoops!)

Sam and DC3 are back and we've got a bone to pick with some of you people

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

After yet another heart-breaking loss, this time to the #10 Florida Gators (YAY, quality loss!), the guys are a little hot under the collar.We've had enough of this business, and we can't blame you if you have too.

This week we decide to blow off a little steam and vent on some hot topics floating around the Gamecock sports world:

  • What would football be like if it actually was a beauty paegent?
  • The new helmets are fine...kinda...but that's not your business.
  • The defense is actually good...when it wants to be...
  • Stop blaming the student section for leaving in the fourth quarter down 17-0.
  • Stop trying to predict the future.
  • What's Coach Elliot's future? (only we can predict the future)

We also preview the basketball season with our old pal and Godfather to the Garnet and Black Attack, Chickenhoops. They talk men's and women's basketball, and break down each squad's post-season potential. (Hint: we want the ladies to go back to the Final Four).

Listen below, find us on iTunes, or click here for the download, we hope you enjoy!