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GABA Cast World Premiere!

We're in the top-five of Gamecock sports podcasts, did y'all know that?

Brian Blanco/Getty Images
Good morning,
So...we did a thing.

And that little thing is called PODCASTIN'. and SMcDowell and I got together last night and created our little baby that we call GABACAST.

So what is the GABA_CAST? well, we're going to talk about everything Carolina sports, proper tailgating procedure, life, current events, and we'll even hate on our enemies opponents.

Oh, and we're going to attempt to be entertaining along the way.

That last thing might be a little bit difficult. Okay, a lot difficult.

Enough writing, without further ado, we present to you the GABACAST WORLD PREMIERE:

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  • In this week's episode, we talk a little bit about how the first half of the year was a pretty weird time to be a Gamecock sports fan, and how the upcoming fall makes us more nervous than an Alabama fan at a vegan buffet.

OR, y'all can listen by clicking on this link right here, and following us (and telling all of your friends how great it is) because our egos are fragile and we want to feel loved:

We guarantee it's gonna be in your Gamecock sports podcast top five. Probably.

Forever to Thee,