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GABACast Episode 2: Straight Outta SC

Yeah, we let them do another one since they did so well last week.

A week ago, we made the risk genius decision to let our very own DC3 and Sam McDowell relaunch Garnet and Black Attack's podcast. And, apparently, either they have a ton of family members out there or the couple hundred listeners that tuned in for the first show were REAL AND LEGIT. We'll assume the latter.

Anyway, they didn't make too much of a mess of things, so we let the guys do another episode, where they'll discuss the latest Gamecocks news and information and (maybe) recap last night's American Ninja Warrior episode. You can tune in using the player below (or here if it doesn't work) to listen in starting at 5:30 (it's LIVE!), or, if you stop by after the show, you can hear it from the start. We're also on iTunes and so forth, so just search "GABACast" there and subscribe (and leave a review). You can also access show archives from your browser here and follow @GABA_Cast on Twitter.

EDIT: So BlogTalkRadio, our podcast provider, has been bugging out, so no live show this week. However, stick around for a link to the recording later on this evening when it's ready.

EDIT AGAIN: IT'S ALIVE! Listen below or here. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fast forward to 3:48 due to technical difficulties at the beginning.

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