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GABACast Episode 3: Brandon Larrabee from Team Speed Kills joins the show

We hope that we've upheld the journalistic standards that he established when he started this site...or something.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Eight years ago (August 29, 2007, to be exact), was the day that the blogosphere changed forever. That was the day Brandon Larrabee, who ran a Gamecocks blog called Cock & Fire, opened the doors to the very site you're reading right now. Eight years later, we guess we've done OK, because it has stuck around, even after Larrabee stepped aside to take the reins of Team Speed Kills, SB Nation's SEC community.

But he's coming back. Kind of. DC3 and Sam welcome back The Founder himself, and the three of them will have absolutely nothing to talk about. That is, of course, if you count the official announcement from Steve Spurrier that Connor Mitch will be the Gamecocks' starting quarterback as "absolutely nothing". And it's live, so you're free to call (929) 477-3884 and join the conversation when the show starts (if everything works).

Listen using the player below (or at this link if it doesn't work). Can't catch the show live? Check back right after it ends for a replay. Also, be sure to subscribe on iTunes by searching "GABACast" - and leave a review while you're at it, too!

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