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GABACast - The South Carolina vs. North Carolina Preview Show

Wait, there's a game on Thursday?

There are probably other ways to spend your Tuesday afternoon, but the best way is this: listen to our own Sam McDowell and DC3 talk about this game between the South Carolina Gamecocks and North Carolina Tar Heels that's coming up on Thursday. Apparently, it's pretty big. (By the way, thanks for sticking with us while BlogTalkRadio, our podcast service provider, has been working to squash some bugs that they've been having over the past few weeks.)

Today's show will be a lot of fun, and you should stop by to check it out. Listen live at 5:30 pm ET simply using the player below (or at this link if it doesn't work). Can't catch the show live? Check back right after it ends for a replay. Also, be sure to subscribe on iTunes by searching "GABACast" - and leave a review while you're at it, too! The past three episodes are there so you can download or stream them to your iDevice and listen whenever you want. You can also add to your podcast feed player of choice to hear the show archives.

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