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GABACast Episode 28 - South Carolina Baseball are SEC East Champs!

Sam and DC3 are back and they almost forgot what winning felt like. Almost

"Hey everybody, your favorite South Carolina Gamecocks podcast is back!"



/runs after you


We won something (a conference divisional title) for the first time in what seems like an eternity in baseball, and we're at a loss for words as to where we go from here and how we should feel about things.

So, we did what we usually through it in the most roundabout manner possible, and record it so you can listen to us complain and debate basically nothing.

In this weeks episode: we talk a lot about baseball this week, most notably the sweeping the Crimson Tide which gives us the SEC East title and sends us into the SEC Tournament in a position where we hold the keys to hosting a regional, but aren't yet a lock for a national seed. We also hit on a number of other topics, including Coach Holbrookwhy Hoover, Alabama is a weird placestupid slogans, and reincarnation. Finally, we bid farewell to a couple of former Gamecock players who will be seeking playing time greener pastures in the Sun Belt or somewhere. We also find time to have wifi issues, but, that's because we're #ELITE.

As always, you can click the play button below, click here to find us on iTunes, or just search for the GABACast wherever you get your podcasts.

Hope y'all enjoy!