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2014 MLB Draft: How to watch, TV channel, start time, and draft projections for South Carolina players

Where to expect several of the draft eligible South Carolina baseball players to go this week in the 2014 MLB Draft.


The MLB Draft is set to begin on Thursday at 7 p.m. EDT, and several South Carolina juniors and seniors expect to hear their name called at some point during the three-day event. More on them in a moment.

Round 1, Comp A, Competitive Balance A, Round 2 and Competitive Balance B will all take place on Thursday night, June 5, 2014. Rounds 3-10 will take place Friday, June 6, 2014, starting at 1 p.m. Rounds 11-50 will take place on Saturday, June 7, 2014, starting at 1 p.m.

For the uninitiated MLB has a few comp and competitive balance rounds in between rounds. The comp round is for teams that lose premium players in free agency. The team signing those players loses their first round pick, or if they're picking in the top 10, they lose their second round pick. Hence why you see only 27 picks in the first round, instead of 30.

As for the Competitive Balance rounds, those are given via lottery to teams in the 10 smallest markets and teams with the 10 lowest revenues. A good explanation can be found on MLB Trade Rumors along with the results for this year. Those picks can also be traded up to a certain point. The Astros last season acquired a competitive balance pick from the Baltimore Orioles as part of the deal for Bud Norris.

The draft can be viewed on MLB Network and on Thursday night. Friday and Saturday will be on only.

Why isn't my favorite college player projected to go earlier in the draft?

How early a player gets drafted doesn't have as much to do with their production at the college level as some fans assume. If collegiate production was the only criteria used by MLB scouts and general managers, Michael Roth would have been a no-brainer for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 draft. Instead, he was taken with pick 297.

College and professional baseball are played differently. The rules are for the most part the same. There are still, white lines, a ball and nine position players, but teams are looking for certain things in players. Left-handed pitchers are more coveted than right-handers. Starters more coveted than relievers. Lighting up the radar gun is important, so is hitting a baseball really far. Strikeout a ton of guys is important, so is commanding the strikezone. Guys won't necessarily be drafted for what they are but what they're projected to be. Being drafted low should not be considered an indictment on their accomplishments as a college player.

Dirk Hayhurst recently penned an article for Sports on Earth titled, "How to Hack the MLB Draft." In it he talks about his experiences as a potential draftee going to college and how he had to essentially get himself drafted into pro-ball. It's an outstanding read and gives some insight into what pro-teams are looking for in a player, particularly pitchers.

Which Gamecock players are likely to get drafted?

Evan Beal - JR - RHP

Beal pitched well for the Gamecocks this year. In 13 2/3 innings, four starts and five appearance, he had a 3.29 ERA.

Projected draft round: Won't be drafted. Will return for his senior season.

Connor Bright - JR - RF

Bright was a joy to watch in right field and looks to be a plus defender in the outfield. He also improved his offensive numbers this year posting a .331 batting average, .371 on-base percentage and a .400 slugging percentage.

Projected draft round: drafted in the 11-50. Chance he returns for his senior season.

Tanner English - JR - OF

He's got tremendous speed and solid defense, which teams will take notice of, but he took a step back offensively this year. Speed is something players can't learn so a team that thinks they can help English with his offensive output might take a chance on him.

Projected draft round: Late 11-50 with a good chance he'll go undrafted. Chance he returns for his senior season.

Grayson Greiner - JR - C

Greiner has everything a team wants in a catcher coming into the draft. He's outstanding behind the plate and an improving bat. The one thing holding him back is his height. 6'5" is not something you typically see in big league catchers. The improvements he's made at the plate, show that he could potentially be a big time bat at another position other than catcher if it comes to that.

Projected draft round: Late first to second.

Kyle Martin - JR - 1B

Martin took a step forward offensively this year and proved to be solid defensively. What limits his draft potential is the fact that he's a first basemen.

Projected draft round: Late 11-50. Could return for his senior season.

Cody Mincey - JR - RHP

Mincey was second on the team, among relievers, in strikeouts this past season. Which helped him post a 1.04 ERA in 34 2/3 innings. His lack of control, 4.15 BB/9, and the fact that he's a reliever will limit his draft potential.

Projected draft round: Late 11-50. Could return for his senior season.

Jordan Montgomery - JR - LHP

Carolina's Friday night starter, posted a 3.42 ERA in 100 innings for the Gamecocks this year. And while his ERA took a step back from the 2013 season, he actually improved in other areas, like his strikeout rate. Being left-handed will also help Montgomery get drafted this week.

Projected draft round: Potential to go 2-10, but likely goes in the 11-50 range.

Joey Pankake - JR- INF/OF

Pankake's step back this year may have cost him a late first round selection, however, he's still one of the best college bats available in this draft and should be selected early. His defense hasn't done him many favors this season. Moving him off shortstop likely did not accomplish the goal of improving his stock profile. If a guy can play shortstop teams know that he should be able to move to other positions. Showcasing himself at other positions takes away some of the mystery for teams. I think Pankake can improve defensively, but it'll be a project for the team that drafts him and that's a risk for teams.

Projected draft round: 2-5.

Joel Seddon - JR - RHP

Seddon was absolutely dominate in the closer role for the Gamecocks this year. He struck out more than 10 batters per nine innings this season and kept his walks under two batters per nine innings. And even though he allowed five earned runs in the final game of the season, he showed teams that he could potentially be converted to a starter.

Projected draft round: 2-10.