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Watch Jackie Bradley, Jr. make an incredible diving catch to rob Tyler Flowers of a hit

Is this a great play? It seems like a great play.

Jackie Bradley, Jr.'s .613 OPS isn't doing Boston many favors when the Red Sox are at the plate, but as long as he keeps making plays like this it won't matter. Tyler Flowers doubtless thought he had split the gap in right center when Bradley came in like a bullet to rob him of extra bases. JBJ has seemingly already begun his route at the crack of the bat and makes an incredible dive to finish off the play.

And it's not one of those dives where the guy just kinda slides without need at the end of the play to make it look cool. Bradley leaves his feet and appears to be propelled Angels In The Outfield-style as he knifes glove into the path of the ball.

Move aside, Tim Howard. Let the #ThingsJackieBradleyCouldSave meme begin.