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Newlyweds take in Game 1 of South Carolina Super Regional vs. Oklahoma State

Because a baseball game is a perfect place for a wedding reception, right?

Josh Kendall (@JoshAtTheState)

Weddings are always an exciting experience. It's awesome to see a couple tie the knot and pledge their lifelong commitment to each other, then celebrate the union by dancing the night away at the reception afterwards.

Or, if you're like one newly married couple, you spend the wedding reception at...a South Carolina baseball game? If you're Justin and Kelsey Kata, then the answer is absolutely yes. The Katas, fresh off of exchanging their vows just hours before, bucked tradition in a big way and held their wedding reception at the Gamecocks' Super Regional tilt against Oklahoma State. Not only were the Katas there, but the entire wedding party was with them, too!

Unfortunately for Justin and Kelsey, the Gamecocks couldn't bring home a win yesterday in a 5-1 loss, which would have been a nice cap to the day's proceedings. But we suspect that the rest of the day went off without a hitch despite the baseball team's loss.

We wish Justin and Kelsey many happy years of marriage and that the Gamecocks losing on their big day isn't a bad omen. Hopefully they and their future children will be able to see the football team win a national championship before too long, though.