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Tuesday Topic: Is South Carolina basketball being snubbed by AP Top 25 poll voters?

A 21-win team should be in the AP Top 25 poll, right?

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Granted, I know that the South Carolina Gamecocks took a bad loss against Kentucky the other day, but there was an interesting aspect to the game that took place off the court. It was in regards to the Top 25 polls, namely the AP poll, which had the Gamecocks unranked. They still don't have them ranked (understandable). On the other hand, the USA Today Coaches Poll has had the Gamecocks ranked for the last several weeks.

At a glance, it seems the media isn't buying what the Gamecocks are selling. It's somewhat understandable given the caliber of teams they've lost to (i.e. Georgia). At the same time, this is a 21-4 team that, despite just one real "signature" win against #8 Texas A&M (take that as you will), have largely held their heads above water after several disappointing seasons. That has to count for something, right? (The Gamecocks dropped from 20 to 23 in the USA Today poll after their loss to Kentucky; however, after receiving 128 votes in the AP poll last week, they dropped all the way down to 39 votes.) In the end, I know it doesn't mean much, but it's pretty interesting, and fans have taken notice of it. By the way, I came across this list that showed the voters that left the Gamecocks off their ballot, and it's a pretty long one. Names that stick out: John Feinstein, Dana O'Neil, Dick Vitale, Jon Rothstein and Seth Davis.

Let's turn it over to you. Do you think that the AP Top 25 voters are snubbing the Gamecocks? Do you feel that the fact that they're unranked is justified, of do you feel that the media poll has it wrong? Let us know in the comments section below.