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Someone got South Carolina’s starting lineup vs. Duke in the NCAA Tournament very, very wrong

Somebody forgot to update the template...

South Carolina is playing the Duke Blue Devils in the second round of the NCAA Tournament tonight. The Gamecocks are sending out a lineup of 5’11” Chandler, Arizona guard Sindarius Thornwell; Wisconsinites Hassani Gravett (a 6’2” redshirt junior guard), Duane Notice (a 6-7 freshman guard) and PJ Dozier (a 6-10 sophomore); and Chris Silva (a 5-10 guard from Lexington, Virginia).

Wait, what?

Whoever typed these lineups up didn’t bother to do a little double-checking before printing these. Not only are the Gamecocks’ listed hometowns not even remotely accurate, but their class years, height, weight, and positions are incorrect. (Seriously, what Frank Martin wouldn’t give to have Sindarius Thornwell back for three more years.) It looks like they forgot to update the template and left in the information from Marquette, the Gamecocks’ last opponent.

If there’s anything to take from this, it’s that at least they got everyone’s jersey numbers right. Hopefully they spelled Krzyzewski correctly.