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South Carolina target Xavier Thomas: Clemson coach’s departure will “definitely (a)ffect...recruitment”

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Interesting development from this evening.

Student Sports

South Carolina and Clemson’s recruitment of Xavier Thomas may have taken a turn last night. Clemson defensive end coach Marion Hobby, who had developed a bond with Thomas, was hired by the Jacksonville Jaguars to coach their defensive line.

That led Thomas to this reaction on Twitter:

While Danny Pearman is Thomas’ primary recruiter over at Clemson, Hobby would have been Thomas’ position coach. Instead, he is headed to the NFL, and has appeared to turn the tide in favor of the Gamecocks.

We’ll see just how much of an effect this will have on the process, but it’s definitely fuel in the fire for Will Muschamp, Lance Thompson and the rest of the staff to use as they continue to pursue his services. The IMG Academy transfer (formerly at Wilson High School in Florence) is ranked as the country’s #2 player over at 247Sports, while ESPN has him #1 in their list of the class of 2018’s top 300 players in high school.