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South Carolina Gamecocks National Signing Day: Jay Urich Recruitment Profile

A homegrown wide-out turned stand-out Quarterback could represent great things to come for the Gamecocks’ offense.

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Name: Jay Urich

Position: Quarterback

Height/Weight: 6-05 / 190lbs.

Hometown: Piedmont, SC

Rating: Consensus three-star. #22-rated dual-threat QB in 2017.

While it’s no secret that Jake Bentley and Brandon McIlwain will be the focal point of the Gamecocks offense when the 2017 season rolls around, and that Jay Urich is likely to redshirt this season barring injury oh please God not injury , the signing of a big, strong, fast, versatile quarterback with some tremendous upside represents a big step by the coaching staff: it signals that they’re putting the pieces in place that can allow South Carolina to build a team that can last.

Strengths: Great maneuverability with size. It’s rare to find a quarterback that’s 6 and-a-half feet tall that doesn’t run like a monster truck with three tires, but Urich has some moves, be it scrambling out of the pocket or just on the run. He also has what seems to be a good pocket presence, however, when you know you can rely on your feet it has to give you confidence to stand in the pocket and find your man.

Weaknesses: Not sure what to make of his 50 percent completion percentage, or the 2-for-1 touchdowns to interception ratio while playing at Wren (an average-ish team in an average-ish region), but the film really does give some hope. Added strength, and finding the patience needed to grow into the leading role in 2 years (or less) time seem to be the big ticket items moving forward. If he can embrace the challenge, and commit to working his butt off, there could be some big things in store for Jay and the Gamecocks.