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SEC Media Days: Missouri players understandably salty over double-overtime loss to South Carolina

Is this South Carolina-Missouri game on its way to becoming a rivalry or nah?

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Given that South Carolina overcame a 17-point Missouri advantage to ruin the Tigers' D R E A M S E A S O N, it's no great surprise that the Gamecocks have been on their mind in the intervening months. The Mizzou contingent at SEC Media Days spoke at length about the double-overtime loss, and it sounds like they are eager for their next shot at South Carolina on Sept. 27.

A very specific moment haunts Mizzou quarterback Maty Mauk:

Watch the play here at the 02:03:55 mark (while noting that the Moore probably got away with an uncalled targeting penalty) and then go back and watch the whole game again because this is the best game ever:

When Missouri joined the Southeastern Conference in 2012, many geographical purists viewed the Tigers as an odd fit. Indeed, the road trip to Columbia, Mo. is farther beyond the Mississippi River than any SEC West schools save Arkansas. Barring a re-shuffling of the SEC's divisions or a geological calamity that results in the abrupt relocation of the other Columbia, this feeling of strangeness is unlikely to go entirely away. But after the instant classic at Faurot Field last October, the 872 miles between the two Columbias sure does feel like a much shorter distance.

Rivalries have to start somewhere. If two schools don't have recruiting territory to fight over, the spark will have to come from something other than geography. A controversial call in an important game. Coaches calling each other out in the media. Or a few nationally important games with finishes half as thrilling as this one:


What do you think? Is there any chance this game could turn into something Gamecock fans would put on the level with Georgia, Florida, or Tennessee?