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Here's a GIF of Steve Spurrier eating a watermelon

There wasn't much news out of practice on Thursday, but Steve Spurrier never leaves us wanting for entertainment.

Though South Carolina's Aug. 28 season-opener against Texas A&M draws ever nearer, the morsels of football news seem to grow increasingly spare.

With practices closed from here to the beginning of the football season, there isn't much information to wring out of each passing day of fall camp. Sure, there are intermittent position battle updates to be gleaned from the post-practice interviews. And yes, your friendly neighborhood beat writer is still doggedly divining narrative arcs from the variance in Steve Spurrier's mood from one day to another, even as he loses his zeal for live-tweeting each and every 7-on-7 rep.

It is then our good fortune that, in this time of want, Steve Spurrier is capable of making the simple act of gorging himself on the fruit of a vine-like flowering plant so very entertaining.


This happy accident combines fortuitous framing with generalized Spurrier IDGAF. The Head Ball Coach steps right into the the gap between Dylan Thompson and Gamecock Central's Scott Hood and takes a big ol' bite of watermelon. Before returning to the practice field, Spurrier wipes his mouth and nods in satisfaction, swallowing down the juicy redness.

If Spurrier ever runs into the Gamecocks' junior basketball center Laimonas Chatkevicius, the two will have a shared interest over which to bond.

If you'd like to watch the full interview with Dylan Thompson, do that here: