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South Carolina Gamecocks vs. LSU Tigers: Steve Spurrier Postgame Press Conference

The HBC talks about the loss to LSU

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
On the defense:

Our defense had a lot of fight in the first half, maybe got worn down or what have you, but [LSU was] just too good for us the second half.

They're just way better than us in the end....They made a bunch of third downs again. We gave up nine last week and nine again this week.

Our chance to beat them was to hope they didn't play very well, hopefully get some turnovers. But I'll be danged, every time they fumbled one of their guys was right there. We can't get a fumble on defense.

On how the Gamecocks stopped Fournette during the first half:

We just stacked the line of scrimmage, everybody played their gaps well. You know, we held him down pretty well...We tried the same thing the second half, but he busted that [87 yard run]. We gave up a lot of big plays, we haven't quite done that all year...So they hit some good plays on us.

On the offense:

Well you guys watched it. We had a couple of good little runs, but I get frustrated watching our guys. They run in there and nobody tackles them and they fall down...I had to yell at a few of them today, but anyway that's just what it is. Their guy must've broke eight tackles on that one run, our guys goes in there and falls on the ground.

On Perry Orth and whether he will remain the starter:

Perry made a lot of good plays. He did, he made a lot of good plays for a walk-on kid. Some good passes...Yeah probably, Nunez couldn't even raise his arm this week so I doubt he'll be throwing next week.

On why Brandon Wilds didn't play:

Brandon Wilds took himself out. Brandon Wilds said my ribs hurt, I can't play. That's why Brandon Wilds didn't play...[He told us] pregame...Yeah, it was a surprise...He said he was hurt, couldn't play. We're not gonna put him out there if he doesn't wanna play, if they say they're hurt.

On Rashad Fenton:

Well Shon had done a good job of returning kicks, but Fenton is a young man that has some breakaway potential. I finally told them put him in there, so that was my best call of the game. He came off and said thanks for putting me in coach and I said no I'm the dummy that hasn't had you in all year. If we had any sense we'd have had him at wide receiver all year...He can run, he's got hands. But he came in as a defensive back and he'll end up playing at lot at defensive back. But he's a natural wide receiver.

On whether the offside call on the onside kick was correct:

Well we didn't think, they said they didn't think from up top that DJ Smith was offside. But the sad part is the referee had warned him because he'd been close to offside a couple of other times. He warned him right before the play...He probably was barely offside but, I mean, that didn't cause us to lose the game. It's just careless, a very careless play.

On what the past week was like:

Well it was difficult for so many South Carolinians. But our football team didn't have it bad. We have no excuse...We've been fortunate and blessed. We had a normal week of practice. I don't know if we'd played them at home if it would've been any different. A lot of people had it really rough and most of us were spared and we're thankful.

On where the Gamecocks are as a team right now:

We're struggling a bunch and maybe the other teams are just a little better than us right now. Hopefully we can match up with next week's opponent a little bit better.