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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 6

The middle of the conference is still a bit of a mess

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. LSU -Gave the Gamecocks the most welcoming, considerate 45-24 loss ever.

2. Alabama -The Tide was losing to Arkansas at halftime but they got it together for the second half of the game.

3. Florida -Beat Missouri to take firm control of the SEC East, but the suspension of their starting quarterback could open the race back up.

4. Ole Miss -The Rebels whipped New Mexico State and still seem like a pretty good team.

5. Texas A&M -Had a bye. These next 2 weeks (vs. Bama and Ole Miss) will tell us a whole lot more about this team.

6. Georgia -The Bulldogs are losing the benefit of the doubt, as they've now lost to the only two decent teams they've faced.

7. Mississippi State -Blew out Troy. It's nothing to brag about, but good teams take care of business in games like this and that's exactly what the Bulldogs did.

8. Kentucky -The Wildcats are coming off of their bye week in second place in the SEC East and should get another conference win against Auburn.

9. Tennessee -If you play in enough close games, you'll eventually win one.

10. Arkansas -Hung around with Bama for a while and this seems like a team that has a decent chance to get that win that ruins someone's season.

11. Missouri -Okay so maybe the Tigers aren't going to win the East this year.

12. Auburn -Faces Kentucky coming off their bye week and will be looking for their first conference win.

13. South Carolina -Spurrier just retired, so nobody cares what I have to say about the actual team right now.

14. Vanderbilt -The Commodores had a bye to gear up for their big showdown with the Gamecocks. One of these teams is guaranteed an SEC win! Feel the excitement!