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SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 7

The top and the bottom of the conference are pretty set and the middle keeps shifting

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

1. LSU -The Tigers stay on top with a close win against a great Florida team

2. Alabama -Turns out that the Tide is still pretty good and, as usual, we're all circling LSU-Bama on our calendars.

3. Florida -Despite the loss to LSU, Florida remains the obvious favorite to win the mess that is the SEC East.

4. Texas A&M -Got whipped by a good Bama team, which is just part of playing in the SEC West.

5. Ole Miss -I want to drop the Rebels more for getting overpowered by a team from the American Conference (even undefeated Memphis), but I'm still not sure they're worse than anyone below them.

6. Mississippi State -The Bulldogs got another blowout non-conference win and should be able to handle the Wildcats as they return to conference play Saturday.

7. Georgia -Beat Missouri and is in 2nd place in the East, but I'm assuming the Bulldogs would prefer that we never speak of that game again.

8. Tennessee -Had a bye to gear up for their game against Alabama.

9. Kentucky -The Wildcats are in 3rd place in the East, but their two SEC wins are against USC and Mizzou. That's hardly an impressive conference resume.

10. Arkansas -The Razorbacks had a bye and have a good chance at another conference win as they play Auburn on Saturday.

11. Missouri -Lost a 6-9 game to Georgia. SEC defense, right?

12. Auburn -Beat Kentucky for their first conference win of the season. They'll need to steal another one somewhere if they want to make it to a bowl game.

13. South Carolina -My stubborn refusal to move the Gamecocks below the Commodores until they actually played each other paid off!

14. Vanderbilt -Sorry Vandy. Maybe you'll get a conference win next year.